How to solve the tenant engagement issue in shopping malls

The content challenge for malls

The value of having a successful mall app is huge. By being in your customers pockets and knowing their preferences you can communicate with them personally on a daily basis with highly relevant messages. Through the app you will gain loyal customers, increased visit frequency and revenue and ultimately a higher Lifetime Value pr. customer.

All of this sounds great, but it doesn’t come without challenges. When launching a new app you start by growing a user base, which can be done in many ways. The real challenge is how to keep users active and engaged once they have downloaded your app.


Content is the solution

If you want your users to come back and use your app again and again, there has to be new content. Why should the user check the app if nothing changed since last time the user checked? When you check the social media, it is always to see if something new has happened, or if you have missed out on anything. The same thing goes with a shopping mall app. The users will love you, if you keep bringing them content that is relevant.

Let’s talk about relevance for a moment

When communicating with customers through an app you have extraordinary opportunities to make the communication relevant to each and single customer. By simply asking customers about preferences, interests and demography, you can make sure only to present content that is relevant to each customer.

Personalized communication is valuable because of its relevance, but also because todays customers expect it. The thing about personalizing is that you basically sort away all irrelevant content to the customer based on the collected insights. This also means that you constantly need a great amount of new content to make sure that all the customers get something that fits their profile.


How to get the sufficient amount of content

Collecting this amount of content can be tricky for many malls, as they need to collect most of it from each of the retailers in the mall. Some retail headquarters send campaigns directly to the mall, but from experience it is not nearly enough content to be able to personalize it and to keep users engaged on weekly basis.

In Emplate we have built services to ensure enough content and to ensure that it all gets distributed automatically.


Emplate Retail+

We have partnerships with the largest retailers in your mall, who delivers 100+ campaigns every week to us. We can make sure all these campaigns gets uploaded automatically in your app solution.


Emplate Shop App

Emplate Local Shop is a tool we have created with the local shops and for the local shops. Through this tool they can easily upload local campaigns to your app in snapchat style – quick and easy.

To keep the local shops motivated we give them real time feedback on the campaign performance right down to the number of customers actually visiting the store after seeing the campaign in the app (through sensor technology).

On average 400 campaigns are uploaded per month in a mall with 80 stores through the local tool.



As a result from putting focus on gathering a lot of content on weekly basis and using the content intelligently to personalize the communication based on every single customer profile, we see 3 times as many customers using our apps after 3 months compared to other retail apps on average. This means that we get 3 times as much lifetime value out of the total amount of downloads compared to other retail apps. When we conduct user surveys, we hear that the main reason is the constant new amount of relevant content that keeps them coming back.


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