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The app that your shopping center visitors will love.

Use the app to meet the demands of your visitors.
Loyalty goes both ways.

Key Loyalty App features

Customize and launch an app designed specifically for your shopping center to reach customers with personalized and convenient communication.

Loyalty program

How it works

In the app, customers can collect loyalty points for performing certain actions like purchasing, visiting or completing quizzes. Once a customer gathers enough points, they can claim a reward.

Key use cases

You decide which actions to incentivise, how many points are granted and which rewards are available.

This way, you can reward loyal customers for visiting, purchasing or any other customer behaviour you want to encourage.

Exclusive content

How it works

You can place exclusive content inside the Loyalty app. This content includes games, coupons, special offers, events, discounts, and other exclusive content available to your app users. Content can be submitted by bothyour shopping center management and individual tenants.

Key use cases

Use exclusive content to keep and nurture your customer database. Offer exclusive customer experiences to grow loyalty and turn visitors into customers, and customers
into ambassadors.

and flexibility

How it works

The app features a list of all shops present at your center by default. Users can decide to follow these shops. The content they see in the apps feed is based on the shops they follow. As a loyalty program manager, you can also decide to feature specific content and alter the layout of the entire app.

Key use cases

Feature the hottest offers and rewards. Create customer segments from an extensive list of filters to further personalize customer experiences inside your app or any of your other channels.

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App integrations

These and many more can be integrated to your app.




How other shopping centers
customize their apps

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High performance and beautifully designed app for your customers

Customize and launch an app designed specifically for your mall to reach consumers with personalized and convenient communication. Utilizing the locally created content to power a personalized newsfeed and increasing customer loyalty by rewarding frequent visitors through the fully customisable loyalty program that will generate long term engagement.

Industry high app performance measured in consumer activity

Your Consumer App
packed with features

Your brand, not ours

Get your own app in App Store and Google play with the colors, logos, pictures and names you prefer

Visit-based loyalty

Engagement-based loyalty  program and freedom to design your own Points Shop with custom categories

Home tab system

Reach customers with the relevant and convenient Homepage view, tailored to personal preferences

Advanced data collection

Collect detailed insights on consumer usage and utilize it to monitor effects and improve your performance

Dynamic Demographic

A fully customizable demographics module enables you to collect the customer insights you need to fuel your CRM or other marketing systems

… and much more

Such as event reminders, coupon redemption, shop information, blogs, global search, GDPR compliance. The list goes on ..

Mall Web integration

Transforming existing mall websites

Transforming mall websites to inspirational universes with a continuous stream of dynamic content and Automate content distribution to improve the customer experience on your existing website by easily integrating a customizable stream of content.

Transform your current website

Mall web transformation options

Home page extension

Display and boost selected posts on your home page or showcase relevant and customizable content categories

News and offers subpage

Create an inspirational shopping universe to let you customers browse content from all of your tenants grouped in relevant categories.

Product recommendations

Customers can view store-specific content from each store, and will see recommended content when searching for a store on the mall website.

Inspirational posts & blogs

Create inspirational posts, long-reads or blog posts to arrange content in a way that’s relevant for your mall and customers.

Seemless integration

Integrate within hours with the predefined iFrames or present content in exactly the way you please with API.

Full customization

If you want to avoid using iFrames you get the option to customize the customer experience the way you please with the API .