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The new way of attracting and retaining loyal customers

Loyalty App for visitors.
Data and analytics for management.

Go digital. Understand customers. Grow loyalty.

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Emplate provides Shopping Center Managers with modern tools for shopping center marketing.

what we do

We provide the right tools to grow and retain customer loyalty

At Emplate, we believe that in order to succeed in modern shopping center marketing, loyalty and great customer experiences are key.

We have built the tools for you.
Our Shopping Centre Loyalty Platform consists of a native app
for your visitors, teamed up with a powerful CMS for your tenants and mall management.

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How it works

Our loyalty app allows you to engage and reward customers

Imagine a content feed personalized for your
perfect customer. Offer them rewards, information about exclusive products and events, and provide them with incentives for visiting or performing various actions at your mall.

Discover the app
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Create the perfect personalized content for your app users

Using our CMS, both tenants and management can create exclusive content and display it in the loyalty app and across different channels.

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Step out of the dark. See what works using our CMS

Monitor insights and analytics in our CMS. Understand what attracts your most profitable customer to your shopping center, or use our custom APIs.

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Discover CMS

Provide the best customer experience and nurture the community at your shopping center

The tendency in customer behavior is turning from shopping to enjoying a place where they can experience a sense of community. With Emplate, you can easily inform your loyal customers about the latest community events taking place at your mall, or even reward them for attending.

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A shopping centre app mockup on a blue background with an overlay of illustrated data dashboards

Learn what data you need to fuel your shopping centre marketing

Emplate is Software-as-a-service company. Meaning we offer high-end, flexible, and proven products that get the job done.

Learn how different shopping centers use and customize our loyalty app to best fit their needs.

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Let us show you how other shopping malls succeed with

Moving online

Launching owned communication channels to convert online visitors into physical regulars in a scale that have a real impact for your mall.

Engaging tenants

Improve tenant engagement with tools to automate content collection and distribution in a way that us meaningful and helpfull for each of your tenants.

Exciting customers

Grow customer loyalty with personalized touchpoints and convenient customer experiences and make sure you cater to the demands customers have today.

How it works

Everything malls need to move online

Perfect fit for malls

The Modules malls need to succeed online

The Mall Engagement Platform consists of three modules that connects all the important stakeholders within your shopping mall: Customers, tenants and mall administration.

Consumer app and mall web

Create jaw-dropping customer experiences

A custom branded Consumer App with a highly customizable home tab system that’s personalized to each customer, a fully integrated loyalty program with lots of options and advanced data collection. Mall Web Integration with homepage extension and news and offers-subpage that can be easily integrated with predefined iFrames or fully customized with our API.

emplate shop

Optimize manual workflows

An intuitive tenant tool for app and web with live performance analytics and monthly effect reporting. Personalized engagement drivers like automated mail-flows, push-reminders and an ever-expanding training hub for seamlessly onboarding, engaging or reactivating your tenants - without the need for any involvement from mall management.

management system and more

Build personalized customer journeys

Everything you need to make the most of The Mall Engagement Platform. Intuitive Management System to manage and monitor the platform along with all the tools and resources you need to reach your objectives; Knowledge Hub for guidance and training, Dedicated Customer Success Management for consulting and advanced analytics ensuring data-driven decisions.


Connect smart services and export customer insights

Integrate all the services your shopping mall want to offer such assmart parking, cinema ticket bookings, wayfinding and more into our your mobile application and create a convenient and relevant shopping experience for your customers. Connect afterwards all the detailed insights to your preferred Customer Data Platform, CRM and more.

The choice for digitally minded shopping mall managements and asset owners

Why malls choose Emplate

More than an application

You don’t just get an application. You get a powerfull platform for all your stakeholders

Time to market

You can launch next month - instead of next year - for fast return on your investment

Less risk

The platform is proven to work in other malls, so you don’t take the risk of expensive mistakes

Domain knowledge

You get access to international domain knowledge across all the malls already using Emplate

Always up to date

Continuous development and improvements of the product without huge involvement

Still not convinced? 

Feel free to reach out to any of the shopping malls already using The Mall Engagement Platform


What shopping malls say

Exceeded our expectations

Emplate exceeded our expectations and after a successful launch we are now able to provide a platform for our 400+ shops to reach their visitors and buyers.”

Miklos Gyertyánfy

Asset director, Westend,

Recommending Emplate to others

“We have used The Mall Engagement Platform for 4 years and have seen how powerful the tools are. Without any doubt we recommend it to malls.

Kim Lauritsen

Mall manager, herningCentret

Tenants love it! 

"Emplate is as an effective way to drive traffic to our mall and shops. Our management and tenants get monthly reports to improve and tenants love it

Jane Melgaard Olesen

Marketing manager, Metropol Shopping

Highly recommended. Best results.

"We have been using Emplate for years and has got a solution that continuously gives feedback so we can achieve the best results. We highly recommend it."

Pia Murmann Loehndorf

Mall manager, WAVES

Delivered on high expectations.

"We had high expectations to the launch of the our new digital profile with the Emplate platform and can safely say everything lived up to our expectations"

Janni Baslund

Mall manager, TK Development