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We equip shopping malls to empower consumers and engage tenants through our marketing and communications platform already loved by shopping malls all around the world.

Increase your footfall
by connecting to consumers

We increase visit frequency from your existing customers and the return on investment on your current marketing budget. Consumers are digital, but still love the local shopping experiences. Learn from their needs, tap into their wants and take your local shopping experience online!

Engage tenants & retailers
through accessibility and insights

We engage your tenants to contribute to your marketing effort in a smart and meaningful way without compromising your control of things. We provide your tenants with key insights and seamless interaction with the local customers who have already shown an interest for your mall online – and empowers tenants to convert digital interest into physical visits.

Optimize your manual workflows
and increase your marketing effects

We provide your mall management with datadriven and actionable insights regarding your customers, tenants and marketing performance on your owned medias. We present inspiration and guides from other shopping malls and agencies using Emplate, so you can increase your overall marketing performance.

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Some of the shopping malls
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We selected Emplate because we decided to team up with a professional mobile application platform instead of investing in custom development. During the deployment and onboarding stage the Emplate team exceeded our expectations with their professionalism, flexibility, determination to meet deadlines and fulfilment of promises. After a successful launch Westend Shopping Center is now able to provide a platform for our 400+ shops and restaurants to reach their visitors and buyers.

Miklos Gyertyánfy, Asset Management Director

Granit Polus / Westend, Budapest / 400 shops

This is the only unique solution where malls get to connect the customer directly with their favorite shops. This allows us to provide our customers with highly relevant content, which plays an important role in our communications strategy with a generation that prefers digital media. I have used Emplate for more than 4 years and I have seen how powerful a tool it is. At herningCentret we can without a doubt recommend Emplate to other malls and anyone interested should feel free to call me if they want to hear more.


Kim Lauritsen, Mall Manager

Herning Centeret / 80 shops / 3.4 mil. annual visitors

We experience Emplate as an effective way to drive traffic to our shopping mall and our shops. Our tenants and management get monthly updates on how to use the app more effectively – and the tenants love it. We, the mall management, basically spend no resources at all driving campaign material to the app. Our tenants providing the content themselves simply by using Emplate Shop via app or desktop . We have used the solution since October 2017 and will be happy to recommend other malls to use Emplate.


Jane Melgaard Olesen, Marketing manager

Metropol Shopping Center / 40 shops / 2.0 mil. annual visitors

We had high expectations to the launch of our new digital profile with the Emplate platform and can safely say everything lived up to our expectations. Emplate delivered as promised and we can clearly recommend others to work with Emplate. Our launch was particularly successful because we succeeded in generating a lot of motivation amongst our tenants so that they contribute to the solution on a daily basis. Finally, Emplate’s persistent support, both towards mall management and our tenants, is worth mentioning. It has worked impeccably.

Janni Baslund Dam, Mall manager

Broen Shopping / TK Development  / 60 shops

We have been using Emplate for years now. In Emplate, WAVES has got a new solution that continuously gives feedback so we can achieve the best result. The people behind Emplate have an extremely professional approach which is very rarely seen. Without a doubt, Emplate has the best of our recommendations.”


Pia Murmann Loehndorf, Mall manager

WAVES  / 110 shops / 6.0 mil. annual visitors

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