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Investment to drive international growth

January 15, 2021


We have been looking forward to sharing some big news with you as the danish financial newspaper Finans wrote the story a few days ago.

Emplate just received investment from Hypezone, a part of the Heartland A/S organisation.

Who is Hypezone, a part of the Heartland A/S organisation? 

"BESTSELLER is our core business. We are also very proud to be part of great companies such as Zalando, ASOS, About You, Klarna, WhiteAway, Numis, &Tradition, Normal and Nemlig, and we are delighted to have lost our hearts to innovative startups like African Leadership University, Neocles, pond Textile, Plandisc and Founders."

We are proud of the investment and humble about the engagement and trust that the people behind Heartland A/S have shown us so far.

Director of Heartland, Lise Kaae on the investment:

"We have been impressed by the performance of the team at Emplate and what they have accomplished with their own resources. We aim to invest in companies that can take on a leading role in their industry, and have big expectations to what Emplate can accomplish within the field of shopping mall digitalization."

The investment enables Emplate to grow international and will provide us with the means to dedicate even more resources to improve our product as well as expand our team - the first job postings are already online.

See all open positions here.

More importantly, the investment means that we will team up with a very competent organization and have access to skilled professionals that can help us conquer new market shares in Europe.

Put simply, Hypezone is the sparring partner we've been dreaming about.

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