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Creating customer insights with Emplate

September 22, 2021

Who wouldn’t love an in-dept understanding of customers, their behaviors, their preferences, and their needs?

Normally this knowledge is limited to entering counts, which creates different challenges.  

With Emplate - The Mall Engagement Platform it’s possible to gather insights on these 3 elements:

Customer insights infographic

The insights include

1. Dynamic demographic: Customer age, gender, and distance to mall.

2. In app behavior: Visit frequency and visited stores during customer visits at the mall.

3. Feed preferences: Customers engagement with favored stores.

These 3 types of insights are valuable, in case of increasing footfall, sales and loyalty with a personalized customer experience.

Get to know your customer base

The data collected using The Mall Engagement Platform, are insights on consumer usage: All illustrating the target market for your shopping center.

1. Dynamic demographic

When signing up with the Consumer App, customers enter their basic information:

Mockup sample: Signup flow

2. In app behavior

Simply by looking at customers in-app behavior you can learn a lot about them and, more importantly, understand how to improve their customer experiences.

Image: Features graphic

Utilizing in-app behavioral data means that you’ll be able to optimize your marketing by answering these questions:

App Usage

- How often customers use the app?

- How much time customers spend on a specific post?


- How long has the customer been active for?

- Is the customer motivated by the loyalty program, feed, or events?


- Which regions is visited most frequently?

- Is the costumer checking in, more often at certain areas?

Activity vs. inactivity

- Have the customers made specific actions in the app?

- When was the customer active and for how long?

Image: shopping center customer

Different features benefits from the insights.

As an example, inactive customers can be retargeted with marketing on certain needs, functions and specifically promoting an event towards customers that has shown interest in events.

3. Feed preferences

One of the main elements of The Mall Engagement Platform is the possibility of mapping out customers specific preferences and creating relevant data.

In the home tab, customers can browse and see offers, rewards, news, and events from tenants as well as content from the mall.

Thereby, customer favorites can be identified: shops that customers follow, which shops are popular and which content generate the most traffic.

Image: Shopping center traffic (DK)

Emplate provides an overview

The Mall Engagement Platform gathers data and insights and provides you with tools to utilize this knowledge.

Focusing on customer data creates an overview of your shopping center customer base and forms a variety of beneficial options as mentioned.

So, who wouldn’t just love to have a deep understanding of customers? The insights are no longer limited.

Want to know more? Book a demo.

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