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Concept - Treasure hunt

September 12, 2022

When Nivy opened their new mall, they used the app to get visitors to explore the mall on their first visit.

  • Nivy Centrum
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 300+ stores
  • Launched their app in September, 2021

When Nivy opened the brand new mall, they set up 8 check QR codes across the mall that app users could scan for a chance to win a 80 EUR gift card. Seeing others doing this got people curious and soon many customers were joining the app, and hostesses were standing at the QR codes to help new users. Beyond enter the gift card competition, customers also got 10 points for every QR code they scanned.

The treasure hunt was a success and they received

1854 installs, which meant the avg. cost was 0.98 EUR, which is very good.

The treasure hunt was such a big success Nivy has repeated it several times after, such as their “Xmas Treasure Hunt” – always with great results.

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