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How Waves Shopping gained 187.872 physical mall visits

August 16, 2020

About Waves Shopping

First up is some insights about the shopping mall in this case study. That will enable you to compare how the mall, WAVES Shopping, gained 187.872 physical mall visits by using Emplate to your own potential Return on Investment.

WAVES Shopping is owned by DADES, one of the biggest property owners in Denmark, who owns a portfolio of 12 shopping malls all over Denmark. Newsec operates DADES’ Shopping Malls.

WAVES Shopping was originally built in 1974 and has been renovated multiple times throughout the years to become a very modern mall. The mall houses a range of international brands such as Starbucks, H&M, Burger King, Deichmann, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, ballet school, big gym and a big cinema is located in the mall as well.

Here is some basic information about WAVES Shopping:

The digital mindset in WAVES Shopping is key

Before beginning to use Emplate, WAVES conducted their own research on how the different marketing channels that the mall was using, were performing.

It soon became clear that printed media such as magazines were performing worse over the years, so WAVES adjusted their annual marketing budget with an intense focus on digital platforms.

Read more…

… about why balancing owned and paid media might be the key to optimize your marketing and how it will save you more ressources than you'd expect.

WAVES’ approach to Social Media and facebook marketing in particular was a key element in the change of mindset, that was driving the increased focus on online awareness.

In short their goals and focus areas for the new digital strategy was described in this way:

  • Increase footfall with a focus on attracting new customers to the mall and afterwards making sure they come back over and over again.
  • Increase online awareness with increased relevance and convenience for the consumers
  • Establish owned media (website and app) with high retention and value for consumers to increase the Life Time Value of consumers by optimizing the existing marketing budget
  • Do not add additional workload to mall management everyday workflows

To achieve these strategic goals WAVES started using the following Emplate Products:

  • Emplate Consumer App tailored to the mall visual identity to distribute highly personalized campaigns to consumers including a loyalty program based on physical visits
  • Emplate Mall Web integrated into their exitsting website to distribute campaigns and Search Engine Optimized content with Emplate software – a true omnichannel approach
  • Emplate Shop App so tenants are able to communicate directly with customers by contributing with campaigns, thus increasing the amount of visits to their shops – while following effects in real time
  • Emplate Management System, a mission control for mall staff to manage communication, support shops in campaign creation and work with analytics and reports for mall staff or tenants.

The Return on Investment for WAVES Shopping

Now you know the essentials about WAVES, their challenges and what they aimed to achieve. So let’s get to business.

Let’s start out with the value that Emplate Consumer App created for the mall in the last 12 months:

Bonus information

Waves had 854 different campaigns uploaded in Marts 2019 and in the last couple of months have the tenants uploaded more than 550 different campaigns per month.

Growing numbers and a bright future for WAVES

One thing is to get a great start in the first 12 months of going digital with the goal of increasing footfall – another is to secure the long term succes and impact. Waves showed that it is doable so long you have an app that your customers love to use – over and over again. That way you will increase the overall Return on Investment on your marketing efforts and footfall – Let’s take a look at the growing numbers for WAVES:

Increased campaign views, interactions and physical mall visits over time

Numbers tell the truth

In 12 months WAVES have grown the monthly campaign views from 29.495 monthly views in April 2018 to 217.840 in Marts 2019. In other words WAVES has grown the numbers by 738%.

In regards to physical mall visits waves has grown the numbers from 10.398 monthly mall visits from their app in April 2018 to 19.473 physical mall visits in Marts 2019. WAVES increased impact by the app by 187% in 12 months.

It is not easy to keep growing the impact over time

In 2018 we conducted our own research and indexed more than 3.000 malls across Europe to look into the way malls are using owned media such as websites and apps. The conclusion? It showed us some essential challenges.

Approx. 25% of malls have tried launching apps or digital initiatives, but less than 3% of the malls were able to maintain an app that was updated recently with crucial adjustment to fit new design standards – which appusers and customers demand these days. Most apps doesn’t even have updated or present content meaning that the news and offers that customers can interact with expired months or even years ago.

The WAVES case is different. Customers are returning to their app over and over again which increases the impact that the app is creating.

Reach out to the mall to learn more about how it is to work with Emplate

One of the main reasons for the growing numbers in WAVES is the monthly reports the mall management and shops get from the Emplate System, which constantly tells management and staff where they should put their focus and efforts in order to increase the overall footfall. But don’t take our word for it!
We asked Pia, the mall manager:

In Emplate, WAVES has got a new solution that continuously gives feedback so we can achieve the best result. The people behind Emplate have an extremely professional approach which is very rarely seen. Without a doubt, Emplate has the best of our recommendations.

Pia Murmann

… This case study does not include the impact from Emplate Mall Web, which have been integrated to WAVES exitsting website – the hundred of thousands of campaign views generated there may make for a later case study. If you can’t wait to learn more about that, feel free to reach out.

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