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We found a Golden Egg – and it will improve your business!

June 26, 2018

Big news for us!

In June a jury of highly competent businesspeople appointed Emplate the winner of a Danish IT-entrepreneur prize, The Golden Egg. Now we will makes sure that everyone – both within and outside of our growing company – feel the value it creates.

The win has an enormous impact on the Emplate team. First, it is a huge motivational boost to be recognized by some of the biggest business personalities in Denmark such as Lars Seier Christensen and Morten Strunge. The three finalists pitched their projects for the jury who questioned every aspect of the idea, potential and business. Before announcing the winner, the three teams had a brief stage presentation for the audience, where co-founder Simon Staack made everyone nervous in proving a point: Smartphones dictate and affect our every move.

After winning Lars Seier explained why we were appointed the prize: “They have an interesting approach to an overlooked challenge: There are lots of focus on online commerce, but less on how to improve physical commerce and make it sustainable. In a world, where data is key, Emplate has acces to data that is partially unavailable even for big traditional actors such as Google or Amazon. And that could end up being worth a lot of money.”

Everybody wins

Winning the prize is also a proof of concept and business for us. In turn, it means that customers can safely look forward to the further development of Emplate: We are chasing new markets and solutions to optimize our solutions even further.

For malls, it means that new solutions are coming soon, featuring click & collect or even web shop integration. We are rounding up all existing content and targeted delivering local products to the relevant audience.

For retailers, it means that existing content now can be channeled through ever-optimizing marketing outlets. By providing a marketing hub, workload is reduced as chain-retailers can deliver local and relevant content across shops, malls and even a variety of channels.

For the consumer it means less noise and more relevance. Winning the Golden Egg is a catalyst for better and faster product development, resulting in a better user experience and a more prominent fulfillment of needs; continuous product development and research ensures constant user optimization. Solving the challenges that retailers and malls are facing ultimately benefits the customers – whose needs we are all catering to.

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