About Emplate - The mall engagement platform

We want to see jaws drop when customers engage with our second to none shopping experiences.  A great product, customer satisfaction and a fantastic workplace is our motivation.

Core values


We aim to understand and gain deep insights on everyone we work with and for.


We innovate, test and learn every day – from each other and the data that drives our decisions.


We have fun, make great products and always create good vibes.


We are motivated by progress, passionate about creating value and always aspire to raise standards.

Maybe the best digital mall customer experience

No shopping mall has ever stopped using Emplate after they started

We mean it when we say we want to see jaws drop when customers engage with our second to none shopping experiences and that customer satisfaction motivates us.

We have never lost a shopping mall customer and the malls using The Mall Engagement Platform have some of the best rated solutions in the world by their customers with more than 6.000 customer reviews in total.

Most malls are rated higher than 4,5 stars on average.

Get to know us

Meet the team

Christoffer Hauthorn
Co-founder & Head of Product
Kristian Lyhne
Co-founder & Head of Finance
Nikolaj Dahlgaard
Co-founder & General Manager
Simon Staack
Co-founder & Managing Director

Søren Gregersen
Co-founder &
Mobile Development Manager
Jurgis Megnis
Product designer
Jens Fibæk-Jensen
Marketing & Communication Lead
Lasse Gjedsted
Marketing Coordinator
Anna Krarup
Content Creator
Mieszko Koźma
Android Developer
Mike Mikina
iOS Developer
Rastko Rakocevic
Android Developer
Mikkel Christiansen
Customer Success Manager
Pablo Molina
Android Developer
Michele Basile
Country Representative
Reaz Mahmood
Full Stack Developer
Mette de Linde
Business Development Executive
Finn Snor
Sales Executive
Nanna Dalgaard
Communications intern
Gábor Triz
Sales manager
Jens Damgaard
Board member
Claus Wædeled
Board member
Martin Mogensen
Board member
Jeppe Bredahl
Board member