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October 27, 2020
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About herningCentret

Before we jump into the data and effects from herningCentret who have been using Emplate for years you should understand the background of the mall. By understanding the mall in question you will be able to compare herningCentrets results with your own mall(s) and by that make you able to calculate the potential ROI for your own mall(s).

herningCentret is a Danish mall established 40 years ago. The mall have multiple times been named Best mall in Denmark. The mall was recently sold to the leading mall operator in Denmark.

The strategic goals in the mall

herningCentret had 4 major corner stones in their plans for the strategy summarized by the following statements:

  • Increase footfall through the digital presence because 50% of the customers start their buying journey online today.
  • Be more relevant towards the single consumer and let them opt-in, in the communication to fit the needs of consumers today.
  • Get to know the consumers better by collecting valuable insights about demographics, behaviour, etc. through a bonus program.
  • Make sure new solutions can be run more or less by themselves to save the mall management resources.

To achieve these goals herningCentret decided to launch Emplate Consumer App, Emplate Mall Web, Emplate Shop App, Emplate Management System and partly Emplate Retail+ (Running in Beta).

Comments by the mall manager in herningCentret

Before implementing Emplate we didn’t have any campaigns from the shops to use on our digital platforms simply because it was too time consuming for our team to gather the content. After implementing Emplate we now have hundreds of campaigns online at any giving time and we only spend a few hours weekly to gather and manage the campaigns on our different channels. I can without a doubt recommend Emplate to other malls and they should feel free to call me to hear more.

Kim Lauritsen
Mall manager at herningCentret

Start by engaging the tenants in the mall

From the beginning it has been an important task for herningCentret to make sure that the tenants participated in the new digital platforms in the mall.

It was important for herningCentret for two main reasons.

  • To satisfy the tenants and implement solutions that fit their needs
  • To engage tenants so the mall management could save time and resources maintaining successfull solutions.

For the mall this meant that they wanted to make sure the tenants should deliver campaign material for the app and website through Emplate Shop App every month.

By using the mentioned Emplate products herningCentret is currently benefitting from the following results in regards of driving content to both their App, Website and social media:

Connecting to the consumers in an app

With all the content collected every month the main challenge for having a successful shopping mall app was solved. Now herningCentret has sufficient content to create relevant digital experiences for each individual consumer.

herningCentret launched our white label consumer app to connect the right content to the right consumers. They used our datadriven download acquisition guides to build a user base through the communication channels that they already had.

Note: Our data-driven download acquisition guides is an e-book that every new Emplate customer receives to help them use the solution in the best possible way. It consists of 20+ pages of guides for different marketing activities to acquire new downloads.

The app effect for the last 12 months

During the last 12 months herningCenteret has been using Emplate Consumer App. They have achieved the following effects:

Engaging customers through the mall’s website

Besides launching an herningCentret app with Emplate the mall also wanted to distribute the content to their existing website. They have done that by integrating Emplate Mall Web to the current website in two ways:

  • An integration to the frontpage of the website in a campaign slider where 4-10 featured news and offers are shown
  • An integration with a brand new menu tab called “News and Offers” where all news and offers can be found in fitting categories

After implementing Emplate Mall Web herningCentret’s website evolved from being a place where consumers were checking opening hours and events into a place where products could be found. It of course increased the time consumers were staying on the webside significantly.

The mall gains the following effects every week today:

Talk to the mall manager yourself

You should always feel free to reach out to our customers and ask about their use of our solutions. You can get in contact with them through us or by your own. You should also feel free to reach out to us directly to learn more about our digital toolbox and the possibilities for your mall(s).

Contact information for the mall manager

Kim Lauritsen, Mall manager at herningCentret

+45 2463 2373

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