Reach your customers directly and effectively

Once people download your app, you can reach them anytime, with personalized content and basically for free. Segment your customers, send push notification, measure and optimize your content's performance.

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Why investing in marketing?

The world of shopping center marketing has never been more confusing. Emplate empowers you with intuitive tools to turn your marketing struggles into strength!

Full control

Effortless reach

Measurability and clear ROI


Directly reach individuals.
Establish a strong connection

Deliver personalized content directly to your customer's device at any time.

Be consistent in your communication and establish a strong and personal connection with each customer.

Omnichannel marketing

Target your app users
across other channels

Target the people who actually visited your physical mall on your other channels.


Segment your customers
for better content targeting

Segment your customers into groups by age, gender, shop preferences and more.

Target each group with content that is most relevant for them.