Step out of the dark.
Understand what works

Data helps you make educated decisions. Emplate gives you a lot of data, both per individual and at scale. Use Emplate to understand your visitors enough to turn them into valuable and loyal customers.

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Why do you need data?

A lot can be understood by looking at data. Learn what attracts customers to your shopping center, and what motivates their purchase and return.

Accurate and measurable

Data-driven management

Understand both online
and offline behavior


Start with
the basics

Start with the basics and understand customer demographics.

Not the people who visited your website, not the people who saw your social media, but actual visitors who entered your shopping center.

online and offline data

Every interaction
is a data point

Every time your customer engages with your app, for example, claims a reward, follows a new shop, visits or performs any other action you have previously set up, you know about it.

Every interaction turns into valuable data that helps you improve on multiple levels.

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data customized to your mall

Data customized for
your needs

Emplate not only offers you a broad range of data, but also helps you navigate it.

With live analytics, monthly reports, pre-defined KPIs, data API and custom dashboards in our CMS, we make sure that your data is presented to you with the highest clarity.