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loyal customers

One way you can use Emplate is to grow customer loyalty. We provide everything to attract, engage and retain loyal customers.

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Why loyalty marketing?

Growing a base of loyal customers is key in succeeding in modern shopping center marketing.

Higher customer satisfaction

Increased lifetime value

Increased sales


Reward your most
loyal customers

Rewards are a great way to grow customer loyalty and go the extra mile as a shopping center in order to satisfy your customers.

Customers are able to claim rewards after visiting different stores, which naturally leads to increase in sales and customer satisfaction.


Take customer engagement
to the next level.

The more your customers visit, the more they engage in the activities of your shopping center, the higher they move in the loyalty tiers which then allows for even better rewards.

Reaching customers with the highest loyalty levels means that you are reaching a very high intent group of people, active within your shopping center.

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Keep your loyal customers
informed and offer

Use Emplate to create and deliver exclusive content that your customers won't find anywhere else.

Such as coupons, exclusive offers, special
events and rewards.