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herningCentret one year after launching an app

September 17, 2020

Mobile presence is a must

herningCentret is a popular Danish mall with 80 stores. A year ago they realized that they were stood across a few challenges:

  • Their existing mix of channels weren’t relevant enough to the younger segments
  • The mall lacked digital presence on mobile
  • They had no insights on repeating customers
  • Customers were seeking the local communication, but there was no channel supporting this communication directly between the stores and the customers.

The solution is relevant

Set out to solve these challenges herningCentret partnered up with Emplate, who delivered a mobile app powered by Emplates own software platform. The mobile app secured loyalty to the mall through personal and relevant communica- tion, where the customers choose their favorite stores and only get messages from the followed stores. Furthermore, the app includes a loyalty program based on customer visits. The customer gets 10 points for every visit, and these points can be redeemed to prizes chosen by the mall.

Effects after one year with an app

A year after launching the app the effects are solid:

  • 12.000+ customers are using the app (mostly millennials)
  • 100+ campaigns are uploaded to the app from the tenants each month
  • 120.000+ times a month the campaigns get seen by customers
  • 12 % of the customers visits the store within 7 days after seeing the shops campaigns

Apart from the fact that herningCentret has gotten an efficient mobile communication channel to the younger segments, they have also gained access to new customer insights on their customers:

  • Age, Gender, City
  • Favorite stores
  • Campaigns seen/interacted with Visit frequency
  • Movement patterns inside the mall

Based on these insights, herningCentret can segment the communication in the app, which helps them move customers towards being more loyal (visiting more frequently).

Tenant engagement

One of the main ingredients to succeed is to engage the tenants. Without them bringing campaigns to the app there is not much to keep the users coming back for.

By providing the store personnel with the Emplate Shop App, the tenants have gotten their own tool to easily upload cam- paigns from their smartphones. Furthermore, the tenants can follow the effects on each campaign, where they can see how many people have seen the campaign, and how many people who have visited their store after seeing the campaign.

Next to what the tenants upload themselves, Emplate are providing weekly campaigns from many of the retail chain stores that they collaborate with.

This makes it a communication channel with proven effects, that drives itself without demanding much resources from the mall management.

The mall manager after a year of working with mobile:

This is by far the best documented communication channel that we have got. It brings us insights, but more importantly it brings us more customers to our mall. This is the only unique solution where we as a mall can provide a local communication channel directly between our tenants and our customer.

Kim Lauritsen, herningCentret

Do you want to learn more?

My name is Simon Staack and I’m a Co-founder of Emplate. I would be happy to tell you more and with no strings attached inspire you to start your malls digital journey now.

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