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Loyalty programs that makes customers visit again and again…

September 15, 2021

...But how to?

Customers love loyalty programs and especially loyalty programs that brings value.

But with loyalty programs all around, customers are selective about what’s valuable to them.

Here’s how to gain and retain customers with the ideal loyalty program:

The perfect loyalty program

Loyalty programs are great at attracting new customers – but they’re also useful for caring for existing customers.

The basic elements of a loyalty program are all based on creating great experiences for all customers.

1. Reinforcement

Build an appealing loyalty program with a sense of progress whenever users earn point.

Studies show that the brain replicates good experiences, and by rewarding customers for their action, you’re creating a good experience. This is known as reinforcement.

A brand like Starbucks can exemplify successful use of reinforcement.

Starbucks’ use of reinforcement

Starbucks have implemented reinforcement in the development of “Starbucks Rewards”: Customers get 1 star just for visiting a Starbucks café and two stars for every dollar spent.

This method creates a good customer experience when entering the café and gives an increased sense of value.

2. Gamification

A study on loyalty programs and customer loyalty showed that recurring small tasks and rewards have a greater effect on customers loyalty than larger and less frequent rewards.

That is the strategy behind gamification, which Starbucks also use.

Starbucks' use of gamification

When customers join the loyalty program and earns enough stars, they obtain benefits. Such as special offers, the jump the line service, merchandise, and order & pay ahead (click and collect).

Customers only need to spend a few dollars to level up and the progress is highly visual. The game hooks the customers, and the constant involvement makes it fun to engage.

3. Variation

A successful loyalty program is also defined by changing content.

The loyalty program needs many different prizes and rewards to satisfy all consumer segments. When the customers have new offers to experience all the time, the variation of content create a sense of urgency.

A loyalty program with these elements, will have you reaping the benefits.

3 benefits of a loyalty program

With loyalty programs being the new black, there are many results of the feature’s effect

1. Customers prefer brands with loyalty programs

Forbes magazine shows the value of a great loyalty program:

2. Loyalty programs increase customer lifetime value

Accenture shows how loyalty program subscribers drive 12 – 18% more revenue than non-subscribers.

This means that converting customers into loyalty program users can be a valuable long-term strategy.

3. Loyalty programs create customer insights

Rocket explains how loyalty programs can serve as market research with various incentives:

- Creating data about how customers engage with brands

- Identify the rewards that appeal to specific types of customers

This data can be used to adapt your loyalty program and your brand for a long-term connection with customers on an individual level to create the best experience.

Customized loyalty program by Emplate

Emplate’s consumer app can be adapted to fit any shopping center. With a customized solution, your loyalty program is modified with your choices of integrations in the app.  

App based loyalty program

The loyalty program is highly customizable and can be tailored to your strategy or objectives.

The loyalty program is integrated in the consumer app. This also serves as a convenient channel for communication to consumers.

They’ll have the entire mall at their fingertips, a personalized newsfeed and much, much more.

A loyalty program by Emplate is mainly focusing on 3 variables:

Continuous progress

The weekly check-ins and continuous progress create positive reinforcement.

Animated coins can be collected along with celebratory notifications, all creating a great customer experience.

With a customized solution, the points can be adjusted and customized for specific situations:

- Number of check-ins per week

- Amount of points to obtain

- Which areas in the center to check-in and what time to do so.

E.g. these elements are great for directing traffic to your food court/second floor/etc.


The app-based loyalty program creates different ways to obtain points.

With an action-based approach functions like QR code scanning and check-ins at specific areas, the customer experience is not only digital but also physical.

Emotional loyalty

The purposes of the customized loyalty program are based on creating positive awareness and great customer experiences.

Emplate's consumer app can be designed to accommodate the consumers preferences and provide each customer with a unique experience that strengthens emotional loyalty.

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