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Marketing inspiration for shopping center apps

June 10, 2022

How do you create buzz around your shopping center app?

Through marketing, yes. But how?

In this article, we have a look at how you can market your app. A great way to get inspired is to look at how different shopping centres have created different exciting marketing. Because of this, we’ve gathered a bunch of different examples for you, showcasing how different shopping centres are doing so with different angles and purposes.

Note: These examples are not templates, but inspiration.

Season and category

Rosengaardcentret’s campaign gave people 10 extra points by visiting their Food Avenue on Valentine’s Day
At Patriot Place, customers could enter a competition for free smoothies for a year by using the app and visiting their Tropical Smoothie Cafe - everyone doing so also got 20 bonus points in the app
Nivy created a post, telling customers they could get a figurine for their tree by using loyalty points in the app - and, that for every figurine, 10 EUR would be sent to a non-profit org. supporting children with cancer

CTA's and buttons

Westend places direct focus on their app in their Instagram, with a call to action and link in the description
Patriot Place has a button on their website which takes you to a description of the app and its benefits, as well as download links for Android and iOS
On Nivy’s website, they have placed large focus on a button which takes you directly to a description of the benefits of the app, with the possibility of downloading it

Digital banners

As part of their launch campaign, Battente used this banner on their social media, as well as by the entrance to the mall
Patriot Place’s banner on their website centers around the benefits customers can get by earning points every time they visit
The Confluence  shopping centres rolled out a major marketing campaign when launching the app, focusing on educating people on the “several shopping centres in one app” aspect of the app, like here on one of the shopping centres facebook page

Prizes and point shop

Nivy ran a loyalty campaign, where customers could use their loyalty points to get prizes - they used social media for awareness to urge people to participate and to inform people of where to find said prize machines
RO’s torv regularily runs their reward of the month loyalty campaign, giving customers something to look forward to every month
During Covid, Westend created buzz on their social media by showcasing their face masks in collaboration with VATES, which people could get by using the app
Storcenter Nord highlights their “Benefit of the month” concept by showcasing this months reward

Marketing and welcome rewards

Rosengaardcentret also highlighted their welcome rewards in order to bring attention to their app, both on SoMe and in the shopping centre with a “Download a … and get the app for free” angle

Battente used their welcome rewards to bring attention to the launch of their app

Event centered

Rosengaardcentret used their late night as an opportunity to tell customers to check the app for offers

In mall

Storcenter Nord brought a plane into the shopping centre, which could be accessed by using the app - highlighting this in the shopping centre

Competitions and giveaways

Aalborg Storcenter highlighted their cinema ticket giveaway in the app on social media
Rosengaardcentret also used social media to highlight their “win tickets” competition in their app, this time for the circus
Storcenter Nord used social media to show their “spin the wheel” competition on social media where customers can with various prizes
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