Fill your custom branded Loyalty App with relevant content including rewards, games, and offers to motivate user to visit and shop in your shopping center.

Decide when and how to reward your most loyal customers.

Loyalty points
and tiers
Purchase and visit incentives
and rewards


Closely follow the customer journey. Track content views, center visits, reward redemptions and general customer behavior across months and years.

Learn what engages customers and motivates them to visit.

Track in-app
Custom data


Use push notifications to stay top of mind. Leverage your existing database of loyalty program users to retarget them across other channels such as social media and email.

Owned marketing

Be the first to know.

Webinars. Case Studies. Exclusive events.
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Dive deeper

Learn more about the Loyalty App and it's features. See how you can use the CMS to generate content and analyze data.

Easy to navigate

Endless customization options

Built for marketers

Learn about the possibilities
for your shopping center

Emplate management system

Manage and monitor the platform and utilize a range of tools to reach business objectives

An intuitive Management System to monitor and manage every aspect of the Mall Engagement Platform. Packed with efficient digital tools to engage your customers and tenants, extensive analytics, monthly reports and recommendations and an exclusive Knowledge Hub with inspiration and guides from malls around the world to keep improving your results over time.

management system

Packed with the features malls need

Campaign overview and editor

Browse, edit, delete and approve posts - whether they’re expired, active or upcoming.  Upload posts on behalf of mall management or any shop in your mall and use videos, quizzes, CTA’s or coupons to grab customer attention.


Monitor effects and evaluate your results. Live analytics include the most important measurements like influenced mall visits, monthly active users and many more.

Prizes and loyalty program

Manage rewards in your loyalty program from the prize editor with plenty of custom limitations and category segmentations for multiple use cases.

Push messages

Send effective push messages to the customers that downloaded your mall app.

Category builder

Create categories so tenants can easily associate content with a relevant category. Utilize the organized content on your mall website or consumer app.

Manage shops

Manage users with access to Emplate Shop, and edit the approval settings for individual stores

KNowledge hub

Everything you need to know to succeed online

With the collective knowledge and experience gathered from all users of The Mall Engagement Platform, you and your tenants will be setting new records over and over again. The Knowledge Hub is continually growing with new case-studies, guides and how-to’s on how to achieve the best results.

Emplate Knowledge Hub on laptop
Content types

What you'll find in the Knowledge Hub

Self-service help articles and tutorials to improve results

Success guides from other  malls using Emplate

Relevant news and updates to keep you up to speed

How-to-guides for app user acquisition

Marketing templates to share with your agency

Best practice to increase tenant engagement

Reports and analytics

Extensive live analytics for data-driven decision making

Extensive live analytics empowers you to investigate potentials and assess the value you’re creating on your own - while monthly reports and quarterly data-driven summaries will guide you towards the very best results with actionable tips and tricks on how to get there.

Reports and analytics

Make your mall data-driven

Live analytics dashboard

Compile and monitor marketing effects, user retention and activity as well as shop performance directly from your personal dashboard

Monthly report

Easily digest the highlights and summaries of your most important performance metrics in reports shared with you on a monthly basis

Quarterly status meeting

Never lose touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Together you’ll review your past efforts, and plan for the future on a foundation of data

Predefined KPIs

KPI’s include influenced mall visits, active users, views and interactions, profile retention, tenant engagement and many more.

Custom reports

No worries - combined dashboards for multiple malls or even custom dashboards are available upon request.

Data export

Export customer data and utilize your insights in other marketing systems such as CRM’s or marketing systems.

Dedicated Customer Success Management
Customer support integrated
Advanced analytics and reports
Emplate Knowledge Hub
Enterprise solution with customized Customer Success Management
Customer success services

All the tools, resources and guidance you need to succeed

With The Mall Engagement Platform, you’ll have tools and resources to achieve astonishing results at your fingertips.

Customer Success Management will monitor your launch closely and continuously help you get the most of the platform - and you’ll always stay in touch with the Emplate team.