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Major product updates from 2023

November 2, 2023

2023 has been a year of exciting product updates at Emplate. Other than countless smaller improvements and updates, we’ve released two major features that allow shopping centers to attract and engage their customers like never before while collecting and utilizing critical customer data.

Purchase based loyalty

We’ve introduced new loyalty mechanics to the shopping center mobile application that are designed to reward your most valuable customers, drive spending within your shopping center, and provide invaluable insights into customer spending behavior.

  1. Reward your most valuable customers:
    Your loyal patrons deserve special recognition. With our purchase-based loyalty mechanics, you can easily identify and reward customers who consistently contribute to your shopping center's success.
  2. Incentivize spending:
    Encourage customers to shop in your center by offering loyalty points, rewards or exclusive benefits based on their spending. As customers accumulate loyalty points you’ll experience happier customers, increased foot traffic and sales across your tenants.
  3. Collect Precious Data:
    Gain deep insights into customer spending patterns, helping you make informed decisions and tailor your marketing strategies effectively.

How it works:

With an intuitive receipt scanner powered by machine learning you can automatically assign loyalty points based on receipts from your tenants. Customers simply snap an image and upload, before receiving their points.
Take control of your program settings with the intuitive interface: Set minimum and maximum receipt sizes, daily or weekly receipt limits, and even select which tenants participate in the program, all according to your preferences and objective.


Captivate and entertain your customers with a variety of games right on your mobile app and website. Games are an effective tool to engage users while building a database of loyal customers, and can be used to acquire new app users and retain your existing user base.

  1. Engage your customers
    Games are a fantastic way to connect with your customers in a playful and interactive manner, and your customers will repay you for the fantastic customer experiences you offer.
  2. Build your customer database
    Our games are designed to acquire users to your database. Customers will want to download your app and stay connected for another chance to play or win.
  3. Gamify your marketing and improve ROI
    By integrating games into your marketing campaigns you’ll experience improved campaign performance. With every new app user you’ll extend the customer journey and can start building a long-lasting relationship through your shopping center app.

How it works

With interactive games, you're not just engaging customers; you're creating an immersive experience that keeps them coming back for more that’s  fun, engaging, and builds a lasting connection.

  1. Embed games on your website to entice visitors to register and download your app.
  2. Integrate games into your digital marketing and share game promotions on your website and social media to draw in new players and boost your marketing performance.
  3. Keep app users entertained with a range of interactive games. Customers can play to win points, gifts, discounts, exclusive benefits - or just to beat the high score!
  4. Reward high-scoring players of skill based games or randomly pick winners with luck-based games
  5. After users have played once, encourage them to download your app and sign up for even more gaming action.

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