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How would your mall use 4.247 marketing posts uploaded by your tenants?

April 29, 2021

About herningCentret

HerningCentret is the biggest mall in the central region of Denmark. Even though the mall has more than 40 years of experience, that doesn't mean that the transition from analog to digital was all easy. However, with a strategic set of goals for the implementation of the Mall Engagement Platform, herningCentret achieved impressive results from the very beginning.

The mall was recently acquired by Danske Shopping Centre and the new owners highlighted herningCentrets digital profile as a major strength and asset. In this case study we'll delve into the implementation of The Mall Engagement Platform, but feel free to check out our case study on the mall's performance during the first 12 months here.

  • 80 stores and restaurants
  • 3,5M annual visits
  • 50.000 inhabitants in the city of Herning and 90.000 in the municipality
  • 41.000 followers on Facebook and 12.800 followers on Instagram.

The goals for implementing

Prior to launching the mall app, herningCentret set some strategic goals for the implementation and outcome, which were used as guidelines for a successful launch:

Increase footfall through the digital presence.
HerningCentret knew that approximately 50 % of consumers start their buying journey online and that it's important to maintain their digital presence in order to attract customers to the mall. It was a wish for herningCenteret to be able to track the effects of their online activities and their influence on customer visits.

Be relevant to consumers. Communication couldn't just become marketing noise - it had to fulfill the needs of their customers.

Get to know consumers. The mall wanted to attain insights about user demographics, behavior and preferences. This was collected through the use of the bonus program, app-data and in-mall behavior.

Implement automated or self-efficient solutions. Mall management wanted to spend minimal ressources on maintaining and managing content by themselves.

The launch of the Consumer App

To reach their goals herningCentret started utilizing the Mall Engagement Platform. They launched the Consumer App, Emplate Shop and the mall-administration Management System.

Read more about the options here.

Below you can follow the steps that turned the launch into a success. We've highlighted some of the key activities that played a vital role in the implementation of the Consumer App in herningCentret.

Engaging tenants to use the products in the Tenant Engagement Module

From the beginning it was an important task to make sure that the tenants participated in the launch of the new digital platform for the mall.

This was important for herningCentret for two main reasons:

  • To satisfy tenants and implement solutions that fit their needs.
  • To engage tenants so that the mall management could save time and resources on content collection.

For herningCentret this meant that they wanted to make sure that the tenants delivered campaign material for the app and website using Emplate Shop on a regular basis.  

Pictures uploaded through Emplate Shop for the app and website and then used on herningCentrets social media channels

When looking at the numbers you can see that herningCentret succeeded in engaging the tenants and making sure that they provide content for the app. The graph below shows that the shops are leading in numbers of active campaign uploads when compared to the mall itself and retail chain headquarters. In other words, the Tenant Engagement Module succeeded in engaging crucial store personnel.

Getting the right content to the right consumer

With a good baselinse of content in the app herningCentret were ready and set to create a relevant digital experience for individual consumers. They launched the Consumer App and used their own channels - their website, social media platforms and in-mall marketing - to communicate the launch of the app. Along the way they refined their messages as some attracted more downloads than others, leading to important insights on how to communicate effectively to their costumers.  

How content is segmented for users with different preferences.

Costumer engagement through herningCentret’s website

Besides launching a Consumer App, herningCentret also wanted to distribute the content through their existing website. They did that by integrating Emplate Mall Web to their current website with:

  • An integration to the frontpage of the website in a campaign slider where 4-10 featured news and offers are shown.
  • An integration of a brand new menu tab called ‘News and offers’ where all news and offers can be found in different categories.
  • An integration on each store-page, with relevant content shown to customers looking for opening hours or other store-specific information.

An example of the many Mall Web integrations

Another example of a Mall Web Integration.

After implementing Emplate Mall web, herningCentret’s website evolved from a place where people mainly checked opening hours and events and into a site where customers could browse products and offers that they'd later be able to purchase during their visit to the mall.

Interview with Kim Lauritsen, Mall manager

Don't take our word for it. We asked Kim Lauritzen, the mall manager at herningCentret what he thought of the implementation and performance of the Mall Engagement Platform in his mall.

Below, you can read his answers to some of the question that you might be dying to ask. If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Emplate - or even Kim Lauritsen himself (you'll find his contact info at the bottom of the article).

How has it been working with Emplate?

It has been fantastic. We were the first mall to launch the Consumer App and has been onboard from the very beginning. The collaboration has been more than good and it is always easy to get in touch when needed - there is always a quick response whenever obstacles occurs.

How has it been implementing and working with the Consumer App?

As the first mall to implement the Consumer App we have been included in the development along the way, so changes have come gradually. Generally, you can say that the implementation takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Honestly, you have to work for it - but it is all worth it as this form of communication platform is giving us a direct link to the costumers that download the app.

How has it been getting the tenants on board?

In the beginning the shop owners where thinking that the app was simply a nice tool - but now, after we have had the app for a while, they are really exited! Having a digital tool where they can communicate directly to their customers is very valuable. They also track how many people are exposed to their offers - and even how many visits the mall after seeing their content.

What are your expectations for the future?

We would like to put more attention into the Click & Collect-feature and want to start focusing on online sales where people either can go to the mall and pick-up their products or even have it delivered. We would like to try and see how that could work.

Do you have any tips for new malls implementing Emplate app?

One thing that is important when maintaining and increasing downloads is to have some short of exclusive offers that only app-owners can redeem. That makes the customers feel valuable and is a good motivation for downloading the app.

Want to talk to the mall manager yourself? Feel free to reach him.

Kim Lauritsen

+45 24632373

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