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Marketing trends, how to guides and our latest learnings.
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3 customer insights essential to shopping mall marketing (Examples inc.)

Digitalization is happening. Customers are spending more time online than ever, and for some reasons shopping malls are challenged following along the...

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Why shopping malls will beat e-commerce in 2019 (Examples included)

As Amazon keeps growing and new e-commerce shops opens every day, market experts have claimed that shopping malls will disappear in the coming years. ...

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3 digital trends that will be crucial to shopping malls (2019)

Digitalization will be even more important in the close future than it is today. Here at Emplate we follow the digital trends closely and we are excit...

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How digitalization will impact shopping malls marketing spend

Shopping malls have traditionally had a hard time measuring the effects of digital marketing. That's why most of the marketing budget has been spent o...

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We found a Golden Egg - and it will improve your business!

In June a jury of highly competent businesspeople appointed Emplate the winner of a Danish IT-entrepreneur prize, The Golden Egg. Now we will makes su...

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Some of the biggest challenges for shopping malls

Many shopping malls of today are challenged by fluctuating visitor count and a decrease in tenant turnover. These challenges come with grave consequen...

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How to solve the tenant engagement issue in shopping malls

The content challenge for malls The value of having a successful mall app is huge. By being in your customers pockets and knowing their preferences yo...

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How herningCentret increased their Facebook Marketing budget by 8700%

How herningCentret increased the value of their Facebook Marketing budget by 8700% It is no news for shopping malls that they need to be present onlin...

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CASE STUDY: herningCentret in Denmark one year after launching an app

Mobile presence is a must herningCentret is a popular Danish mall with 80 stores. A year ago they realized that they were stood across a few challenge...

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