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Meet Nanna - our communications intern!

October 25, 2021

During the fall semester 2021 Emplate had the pleasure of hosting Nanna as intern in the communications and marketing department. She's been kind to share a few thoughts and words on her experience during her time with us below.

My typical day at Emplate

I'd begin my day at the Aarhus office around 8:30 a.m. Every morning starts with a round of high fives.

Then I would start on my tasks. I’ve worked in the intersection of marketing and external communication: SoMe, website alterations, preparation of scripts, blog posts and other written material.

In the beginning I mostly did content creation. These assignments played an important part, for my comprehension of the product.

Having zero experience with SaaS, mobile development, or shopping mall retail I started from scratch – sometimes it was like learning a whole new language. With my first tasks I got hands on with the many different elements.

Have the internship at Emplate clarified the direction of my career?

I applied for the internship at Emplate, with a very clear motivation. I wanted to clarify my strengths.

During my studies, it was difficult specifically to define and identify my theoretical acquired skills in a practical way.

I haven’t used many rhetorical principles, besides the basics, but I realized that maybe the most important take away from my studies, is learning to learn and understand.

So, I wouldn’t say that my career path is all sorted out, but I’ve realized that the field is no barrier and that an urge to learn can be a competency on its own.

Advise for applicants at Emplate in the future

What’s it like to be an intern? Can I get to know everyone in such a short amount of time? What will they think of me?

All thoughts and speculations, before my first day. And all these doubts were so unnecessary, since all my colleagues made me feel like a part of the team from day one.

In a Scale-up like Emplate, I’ve been able to take on the responsibility I wanted, (almost) pick and choose my assignments and been able to speak my mind, even though I was an intern.

When I sum up my three months as an intern, I've been looking forward to go to work every day and non the less had a great time with the team and with the tasks.

Nannas Education:
School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University
- BA Scandinavian Studies and Culture of Events 2019
- MA Rhetoric 2022

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