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How to create popular welcome rewards

June 10, 2022

Welcome rewards are an effective way of making customers download your app during the early stages.

Welcome rewards are great to use in marketing to make customers aware and interested in your new app, and can be used everywhere from at the shopping centre to paid digital marketing and social media posts.

Note: While having a big show-stopper of a welcome reward like the possibility to win a car or a vacation can attract a lot of new downloads. But, many of these are not interested in the continuous usage and benefits of the app.

Our recommendations

  • Welcome rewards should only be able to be redeemed once per customer.
  • Welcome rewards should be prized at 0 points or (if customers are being given extra points for signing up), no more than what they can earn by downloading and setting up a profile in the app.
  • 2-3 different types of welcome rewards is ideal.

Popular welcome rewards

Welcome rewards can vary, and you might have ideas for rewards that are highly relevant for your individual shopping centre.

In general, the welcome rewards that are popular everywhere are ones that have instant crave-ability. This can be small, inexpensive snacks, such as:

  • A free soda/water (Can refresh thirsty shoppers)
  • A free coffee, cookie, chocolate, cake, ice cream or other types of small treats (Provides a nice break during the shopping trip)
  • A free croissant, french fries, donut or hotdog (Quenches a small hunger or entices with its yummy factor)
  • A free small toy for your child (Can keep shoppers’ kids entertained while out shopping)

Real life example

Rosengaardcentret ran a very successful marketing campaign for their launch, with their welcome rewards in focus. The campaign was created by their agency, STEP and it highlighted the benefits of downloading the app. The campaign was used everywhere from social media and their website, to in mall.

It translates to:
"Download a donut/toy/chocolate and get an app for free"

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