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Marketing - “Always on” install campaigns

September 12, 2022

Nivy is securing steady download growth at low maintenance.

  • Nivy Centrum
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 300+ stores
  • Launched their app in September, 2021

The majority of Nivy’s app acquisition campaigns are digital install campaigns on Google and Facebook, aiming to get as many downloads as possible within the budget. Part of the budget is spent on “Always on” app install campaigns, that are not changed over time, meaning they are rather generic. This ensures steady growth and the algorithms have time to learn and optimize the campaigns, meaning lower cost per install over time.

(Note: Like Nivy, it is always advised to supply "Always on" campaigns with more event-specific app install campaigns that are not as generic)

The install campaigns are a success and Nivy is achieving:

In 6 months in 2021, they got 9.000 app installs with an average cost per install of €1,1

In 6 months in 2022, they got 5.984 app installs witn an averageper install of €1,03

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