Emplate offers a dedicated CMS (Content Management System) for both the shopping
center management and tenants.

Emplate CMS mockup

Key CMS features

An intuitive Management System to monitor and manage every aspect of the Shopping Centre Loyalty Platform.

Manage content

How it works

The CMS allows you to create and publish posts, offers, rewards etc., as well as arrange the layout of the entire app in a simple and intuitive way that requires minimal technical abilities.

Key use cases

Create engaging content on a regular basis that will attract visitors to your shopping center. Use push notifications to increase engagement and to stay top of mind, create rewards to increase loyalty and emerge customers into a gamified experience.

Insights and analytics

How it works

In the CMS, you can not only track the performance of each of your posts, but also see demographic data of your viewers, both individually and at scale.

Key use cases

Use data to optimize the performance of your marketing, see what parts of your loyalty program work and which don't.

Use this first party data to target the people who actually visited your shopping center on other digital platforms and social media.

Customize the app

How it works

The loyalty app consist of rows of content stack up on each other.
The CMS allows you to customize the way your posts show up in the loyalty app.

Key use cases

Try different app layouts to maximize the performance of your loyalty program.

Make your shopping centre

Live analytics dashboard

Compile and monitor marketing effects, user retention and activity as well as shop performance directly from your personal dashboard.

Monthly report

Easily digest the highlights and summaries of your most important performance metrics in reports shared with you on a monthly basis.

Quarterly status meeting

Never lose touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Together you’ll review your past efforts, and plan for the future on a foundation of data.

Predefined KPIs

KPI’s include influenced mall visits, active users, views and interactions, profile retention, tenant engagement and many more.

Custom reports

No worries - combined dashboards for multiple malls or even custom dashboards are available upon request.

Data export

Export customer data and utilize your insights in other marketing systems such as CRM’s or marketing systems.

Empower tenants and optimize your manual workflows.

Empowering tenants to seamlessly create and distribute content to connect to customers and reach their most important business objectives such as visits, loyalty and sales. Motivational reporting, continuous training and personalized engagement drivers ensure growing results and continuous progression.

Next Up..

How to achive the best possivble tenant engagement

The Mall Engagement Platform enables your tenants to easily connect with mall customers and comes with meticulously designed onboarding and training processes, a growing Shop Academy for constant tenant improvement and built-in features to increase tenant engagement like push reminders, integrated support and motivational effects reporting. Simply empowering your tenants to easily reach customers with Emplate Shop will have your shops participating in mall-wide marketing activities in no time.

Tenant onboarding
Tenant training
Shop Academy
Personlized tenant reminders
Monthly effect reports
Emplate shop

Save time and kill manual workflows for your tenants

Encouraging tenants to create and distribute content to customers in a personalized and meaningful way.

Emplate Shop is available for app and web and enables tenants to seamlessly upload, edit and monitor posts for your mall app and website.


Top features

Easy post creation

In less than 2 minutes tenants can create a post for your mall app and website which will be distributed automatically or upon your approval

Live feedback

Monitor the impact of each uploaded post and instantly see amount of post impressions and influenced visits to the physical mall

Individual reminders

Tenants set weekly reminders that fit their workflows, and will automatically be encouraged to upload posts in cases of inactivity.

Support from experts

Tenants can reach out to the support team without any involvement from the mall.

Monthly reports

Your tenants receive monthly reports with performance and effects and tips for improvements

Onboarding flows

When tenants get access to Emplate Shop for app and web they enroll in a training-flow that will guide them towards success

Shop services and resources

Tenant engagement services

Engaging your tenants calls for more than great software or a seamless experience in a tenant tool. That’s why you and your tenants can access the services and resources needed to succesfully launch and run your new digital platform.

Services and ressources

Making sure your tenants are engaged

The right onboarding

Prior to launch, all of your tenants will receive essential onboarding and guidance to start using the tool

Engagement drivers

Automated and personlized email flows for onboarding, training, engaging or reactivating tenants.

Shop Academy

Tenants can browse the exclusive Emplate Shop Academy to learn how to make the most of Emplate Shop from guides and best-use cases from likeminded tenants in malls around the world.

Monthly reports

Monthly reports summarize results and motivate tenants to stay engaged and keep increasing their impact.

Tenant engagement data

In the Management System, mall management can monitor and review tenant engagement - mall-wide or individually.

Domain knowledge

Your Customer Success Manager will provide key insights and share experiences from other malls if you experience challenges