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Danish Emplate, The Mall Engagement Platform, raises new growth investment

March 23, 2022
After a year of great progress and increasing demand for customer experiences and digital marketing in shopping centres worldwide, Emplate has raised a second growth investment from family-owned investment company and existing investor, HEARTLAND.

2021 has been another year of growth for Emplate. Multiple prominent customers like Nivy Shopping Centre(Slovakia), Confluence Property Group (Serbia), Patriots Place (USA) and ECE-owned RosengårdCentret (Denmark) have joined the portfolio with record-breaking launches of their respective shopping center applications and loyalty programs.

With the funding raised, Emplate will among other things speed up product development and refine its customer success to maintain the many satisfied customers and onboard even more across a variety of markets.

“We’re thrilled to be able to further invest in our product and customers, so we can continue to build game-changing software that elevates customer experiences and gives mall management much-needed digital tools and data” says Simon Staack, Managing Director and co-founder at Emplate.

Digital maturity is on the rise in shopping centres all around the world and most malls are speeding up their digital investments. In Emplate, the tendency is clear: More malls are ready to move online, the demand for digital is at an all-time high and the 2022 customer pipeline is looking very strong.

Simon Staack elaborates: “The shopping center scene is realising that digital is an absolute must and we’re seeing an immense increase in demand for digital marketing tools, shopping centre applications, customer data and loyalty programs.”

Backed by retail experts

The investment is not just a financial boost, but also comes with continued access to immense experience, knowledge and network in the retail industry held by HEARTLAND and their portfolio of companies and expands a promising partnership.

The collaboration with HEARTLAND has by far exceeded our expectations and we’re thrilled to further commit to the people that has shown us their trust. We’re all looking forward to pursuing our ambitious goals and to elevate shopping centres digitally in the coming years” Simon Staack explains.

Jeppe Bredahl, Head of Investments and M&A at HEARTLAND, continues: “The Emplate team is ambitious and has during the past year impressed us with strong performance in a somewhat challenged retail market. The product shows great potential why we wish to support an accelerated growth journey to capture the current opportunity. On that basis, it felt only natural to expand our existing partnership.”

About Emplate

Emplate was founded in 2014. Ever since, every single working hour has been spent making life better for consumers and easier for mall management.

Emplate equips shopping malls to digitalize, optimize and go all in on the digital age – all in order to serve consumers what they deserve: convenience, relevance and a perfect local shopping experience.

Emplates customer portfolio includes customers in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, United States, Czech Republic, Malta and Serbia and more than 70 percent of the shopping centres in Denmark.

For more information, contact Managing Director and co-founder at Emplate on or +45 28685705

About Heartland

HEARTLAND is a holding company representing the interests of the Holch Povlsen family and their family business BESTSELLER.

HEARTLAND engages in the future and invest in areas such as fashion, retail and technology, sustainability and business innovation, renewables, nature conservation, education and properties.

BESTSELLER is our core business. We are also very proud to be part of great companies such as Zalando, ASOS, About You, Klarna, WhiteAway, Numis, &Tradition, Normal and Nemlig, and we are delighted to have lost our hearts to innovative startups like African Leadership University, Neocles, Plandisc and Founders.

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