Learn about a perfect digital launch by a shopping mall using Emplate

About the shopping mall

RO’s Torv is a modern danish mall located in Roskilde, a city with +50.000 citizens. The mall hosts 75 shops, one of the newest being the big e-commerce player boozt.com, which confirms the mall management’s commitment to succeed in the growing digitalization.

In this case study you will learn how the shopping mall managed to make one of the greatest launches of a digital strategy we have seen, reaching effects of:

  • 3.000+ app downloads within the first week
  • 250+ campaigns uploaded by tenants within the first month
  • 113.000+ campaign impressions in the first month in their app alone
  • 14.500+ mall visits within the first 2 months from their loyalty app alone


The overall strategy for RO’s Torv

Before RO’s Torv chose to work with Emplate they were mainly focusing on their digital presence through Social Media with 20.000+ facebook followers and 1.600+ Instagram followers. Their newsletter combined with their loyalty club based on physical cards had an additional 8.000+ subscribers – but low interaction rates.

The main goals of the mall’s digital presence have always been to catch the attention of the customers and drive them from the digital platforms to their physical mall, but the mall had almost no insights regarding which of their online activities was actually driving the footfall.

The shopping mall was therefore out searching for a solution that could help to reach the following goals:

  • Increase footfall and loyalty by communicating more relevantly to the single customers – on their own premises
  • Automate the content collection from the tenants to save the marketing staff time and resources
  • Relaunch the newsletter/physical card loyalty club in a new to a more consumer-friendly/convenient form
  • Establish a new marketing approach to get a better understanding of their visitors’ needs and preferences


To achieve their strategic goals RO’s Torv decided to launch Emplate Consumer App, Emplate Shop App and Emplate Management System. 


Impressive launch by the mall management

The mall management picked the 26th of September 2018 as the official launch date of their new digital marketing and loyalty solution. This meant that we together had approximately 6 weeks to handle the following tasks:

  • Develop the consumer facing solutions in RO’s Torv’s own design
  • Onboard the tenants and educate them in the usage of Emplate Shop App to upload content
  • Onboard the mall staff and their agencies in the usage of Emplate Management System
  • Create the marketing plan with the goal of acquiring downloads

How we prepared the launch and engagement of tenants

First we invited all the tenants to a morning meeting before the mall opened. 80% of tenants attended the meeting.

Before the meeting all the tenants’ email adresses were uploaded in the Emplate Management System. The system then automatically sent out onboarding guides explaining tenants how to download and use Emplate Shop App.

At the morning meeting Emplate staff presented tips and trick on how to use the new opportunities in the best possible way. After this physical introduction the automated tenants reactivation flow was enabled.

The reactivation flow is a broad range of different online guides that are automatically send to the single tenant based on their personalized behaviour in the Emplate Shop App.


Pro tip:

One of the main challenges for malls we talk to is to convince tenants to participate in their day-to-day marketing work. With the Emplate Shop App it’s easy to show each tenant how many loyal consumers they are reaching and the amount of customers visiting the store after viewing a campaign.

In other words: The tenants’ efforts became measurable and effective. 


Onboarding of mall management, the agency and marketing planning

During a 1,5-hour intro course the mall management and their agency was well onboarded in Emplate Management System.

The mall management and their agency also received our Emplate Launch Guides which is a library of templates and data driven insights on how to use different communication on different communication channels with the right segmentation, e.g. through facebook marketing.

They also received our blueprint of a marketing plan which were used to plan the activities.

We included the following in the first weeks of the marketing plan:

  • In-store banners
  • Social media ads
  • A newsletter flow

An additional effect came when we empowered the local tenants’ staff.

By launching a competition with the prize of a free dinner for the staff in the store that contributed with the most new downloads, we made app ambassadors out of staff members.

Each tenant was given a unique QR-code. By doing so we were able to track how many downloads should be attributed to each tenant.

During the first week the tenants delivered more than 1500+ downloads.


Results during the launch period

The following effects are achieved within the first two months after launching a solution together with us:

Short term vs. long term

This case study is an example of how malls can get a headstart but we all know that short term results often lacks a high impact. I recommend you read another case study from a mall where you can learn more about the impact they have had during the last 12 months.


Additional case study:  How a shopping mall got close to 100.000 mall visits in just 12 months.  


Your shopping mall can do the same

A launch like this is not a a one-off. During recent years we have helped many malls such as herningCentretWaves and Storcenter Nord reach impactful results.

Fell free to reach out. We have documented the effects of a large variety of marketing activities conducted in malls, and we happy to share our learnings.