Your everyday workday is busy. You don’t have the time to micro manage, but nothing is more important than having loyalty and happy customers visiting your shopping mall. We know that.

That is why we have developed and integrated lots of automations and automated processes in our consumer facing solutions.

Hyper personlized
push notiflications

The apps automate hyper personalized push notifications based on each of your customers level of loyalty and design the wording in a way customers find relevant.

We measure customer loyalty in physical mall visits, points status in your bonusprogram, which shops they have preferences for and how they have previously used your shopping mall app.

Device based

Our website integrations makes sure that customers visiting your website via a smartphone will automatically get a recommendation to either download your app or use it, in case it’s already installed.

Cross platform 
information sync

All the basic information in your app such as mall and shop opening hours, information on events, shops contact information and more is all automatically synchronized with your website, Google and Facebook via various minor integrations.

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More features

Data transperency

We are fully GDPR compliant and customers can always request their data and have it deleted if they wish to.

In-app support

Your customers can get help within the app without your involvement to make sure they are always satisfied.


We can integrate smart-parking, cinema and wayfinding if you have these solutions in place already.