Emplate updates and news

Product Update

Unlock a reward with a region

You can now attach specific rewards to specific regions.

This means you can set up regions to unlock rewards.

These can be unlocked by customers visiting a specific region or scanning a QR code.

To do so:

Go to regions

Press “create region”

Fill out the needed content info

(If a reward shouldn’t give extra points, state “0” at value)

Choose the period

Save the region

Create a QR code (optional) and/or add the location

Attach the specific reward you wish to use

Press update region

Use cases (inspiration):

Create a QR code for an event in the mall - people participating and scanning the QR will receive a new reward in the app.

Create a competition (as a reward) which only shows when you have checked in.

Collaborate with tenants - they can hand out QR codes after a purchase. This gives control of how many will be able to redeem a reward.

Product Update

Better shop user management

It is now easier to manage shop users.

You can now attach the same email to multiple shops:

This means the shop user can now easily switch between the different shops in the Emplate Shop tool.

The shop user will only get an email and have to set up a password the first time they’re added to a shop.


And, you can now help shop users with new passwords:

Hit the edit button on their email

Enter a new password

Click “update password”

Send the shop user their new password (this won’t be sent automatically, as it’s sensitive information)

Now, they can login with the email and the new password.

Product Update

Deep Links

You can now use deep links in push notifications.

When you send out a push-notification, you cannow point the user directly to a page or a piece of content in the app that you are promoting.

To do so:

Go to push notifications

Create a new message

Write the push message

Choose the time it should be sent

Press “Add Link”

Choose a static page (e.g. the home page) orpiece of content (e.g. a reward).

Press “Create and Plan Message”

Product Update

Multiple Beacons in a Region

You can now add multiple beacons to the same region.

An example of this can be when you want to cover a larger area to grant users points for visiting (like a food court).

To do so:

Go to regions

Press “Create Region”

Name the region

Fill out the fields like usual

Then, select the beacons you want to be part of the region

Save it, and you’re done.

Product Update

Multiple Sets of Opening Hours

You can now have multiple opening hours within the app.

It is now possible to have a new button in the app called “opening hours”.

When customers press it, it will show the general opening hours of the shopping center.

And, individual opening hours that differ from the general opening hours (cinema, pharmacy).

To get started, reach out to your customer success manager, and they will help set it up.

Product Update

Emplate Help Center

We’re making updates to the self-serve support, bringing you support where you need it.

Going forward, you’ll find a widget in the lower right corner of the management system where you can search for answers to your questions about our product. In the Help Center you’ll find:

  • The Knowledge Base - for basic support, technical information and FAQ’s about our product.
  • News and updates - for product updates, announcements or news.
  • Best Practices - for inspiration and sharing succesful intiatives and strategies. Work in progress.

All content will be publicly available, but rest assured that we will not publish any sensitive content without approval.

We will be testing and iterating the Help Center in the coming period. Submit your feedback on the changes directly from the widget.