Took place December 15, 2022

innovative approach to shopping center branding

w/ Peter Terpak

Group Marketing & PR Director - HBReavis

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Presentation by
Peter Terpak

Rewatch Peter's presentation and learn how Nivy Centrum created one of the most innovative shopping center brands
and achieved great results.

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Peter Terpak

Group Marketing & PR Director - HBReavis
Executive Management and Commercial Expert with multiple years of experience in telecom, digital media, TV services, real estate & retail marketing in Europe.

Passionate about digital transformation, disruptive technologies and new ways to do things through data, AI and big data.

Simon Staack

Co-founder and managing director at emplate
Co-founder and managing director of Emplate - The Shopping Center Loyalty Platform

Jury member of
The European Council of Shopping Places
Design awards