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Product Update

Unlock a reward with a region

You can now attach specific rewards to specific regions.

This means you can set up regions to unlock rewards.

These can be unlocked by customers visiting a specific region or scanning a QR code.

To do so:

Go to regions

Press “create region”

Fill out the needed content info

(If a reward shouldn’t give extra points, state “0” at value)

Choose the period

Save the region

Create a QR code (optional) and/or add the location

Attach the specific reward you wish to use

Press update region

Use cases (inspiration):

Create a QR code for an event in the mall - people participating and scanning the QR will receive a new reward in the app.

Create a competition (as a reward) which only shows when you have checked in.

Collaborate with tenants - they can hand out QR codes after a purchase. This gives control of how many will be able to redeem a reward.

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