For tenants and retailers
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Let your tenants upload, edit and adjust campaigns to your website and app, directly from their phones or computers – with our without your approval.

In the top performing shopping malls, 96% of all shops are uploading valuable campaign material each month – the reason being ease of use and accessibility.

Provide accessbility
and start collaborating

The campaign creation tool allows tenants to upload a product- or marketing campaign in less than 120 second in a few intuitive steps much alike the process tenants know from Instagram or other social media.

Tenants can also use the tool to contribute coupons and more for your loyalty- or bonusprogram.

Share insights
and see results

Your tenants can monitor effects of each of their marketing contributions in real time.

We measure reach, number of views and interactions and even report how many times their contributions is converting digital interest to physical visits – all made possible with our online-2-offline conversion system.

The insights help tenants to better understand their local customers and what it takes to convert them into frequent visitors.

Get the help you need
and move forward

Support is integrated in the tools for your tenants via app or web. In case tenants need support, they can get help directly from Emplate staff within the tools and without the need for mall management to ever get involved.

Naturally, we will keep you informed and reach out in case your shopping mall management staff is needed.

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More features

Monthly report

Every month, we send an invidual effect-report on your behalf to all of your tenants.

Coupon editor

Your tenants have access to create coupons with special offers or benefits for their local shoppers.

Suggest prices

Tenants can send you suggestions and contributions for coupons to be uses in your bonus and loyalty program.