Well-known retail profile to join the board of Emplate

January 13, 2021

Preparing for growth

New forces to join Emplate as Claus Wædeled join the Board.

Claus have a background as

  • CMO at Føtex: A grocery chain with 100+ warehouses and 10.000+ employees in Denmark.
  • CEO at NETTO UK: A discount grocery chain with close to 500 stores.
  • CEO at Pilgrim: A well-known Danish jewelry chain which got acquired with Claus as CEO.
  • CEO at Bianco Footwear: A chain of footwear stores which got acquired by BESTSELLER.

Read more about Claus Waedeled on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clauswaedeled/

Claus will contribute with week to week advice where his great knowledge of retail and shopping malls will be put in play.

We look forward to combine Claus’s knowledge with ours so that we can set standards for how companies will communicate with their customers over the mobile in the future.

Welcome onboard Claus!

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