Talk about big data at CBS Executive School

Doing our best to share what we know

As a result of our presentation to the PEJ Gruppens annual Retail Conference were we with 5 hours’ notice replaced a key note speaker from Google, were we invited to the CBS Executive Summer School to talk more about how we use data today and how we’ll use it in the future.

We held an one hour presentation for the participants from some of biggest companies in Denmark.

The presentation was all about our approach to work with customers data and how we constantly put the end user in focus for what our platform is being used for.

We have afterwards been asked to come back next year and we are looking forward to that.

If you want to know more about our way of sharing knowledge can you reach out to Per Østergaard Jacobsen from Copenhagen Business School at or directly to us. We would be happy to participate with our knowledge and experiences at your next retail event, workshop etc.

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