More than 600.000 people saw Emplate on national TV

January 13, 2021

Emplate and herningCentret were showcased in Denmark’s biggest newscast.

A week ago everyone in Denmark could see how herningCentret uses iBeacons and Emplate software, as the first shopping mall in Denmark in their shopping mall apps.

In the four-minute-long TV spot anchorman Poul Erik Skammelsen explains how it works technically and Center Manager Kim Lauritsen explains how he avoids “spamming” users.

You can also hear different visitors in herningCentret tell why they think the app is cool and Nikolaj Dahlgaard, Co-founder of Emplate, explain the benefits of using the data that the mall gains access to through our platform.

The newscast ends with Dorte Wimmer, CEO at Retail Institute Scandinavia, who shares why she thinks that our work for shopping malls could be a good answer to what the future of advertising could look like.

Watch the full clip (in Danish) here:

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