Emplate invited to talk about the future of marketing

January 13, 2021

Emplate has become partner for the Future of Advertising event, which takes place on October 23rd-25th at Envision HQ in Aarhus. Envision is one the biggest advertising agencies working with some of the biggest retailers in Denmark.

In 54 hours participants will create future solutions for advertising / marketing. In this regard, we in Emplate will make our platform available to all participants.

In addition, we will participate during the weekend, inspire with information about the possibilities using iBeacons through our platform and provide help with using our SDK and API.

To inspire all the participants Simon Staack, Co-founder of Emplate, has been invited to talk about what the future of marketing looks like for Shopping malls and shops in malls.

We are looking forward to the event and to meet all of you.

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