Data and reporting

Understand how the owned media in your shopping mall are performing and how can you improve month by month.

We collect and summarize data from the mall app, your exsisting website and your tenant tools. We provide you with dashboards to monitor results, but understand that don’t have the time to analyze dozens of dashboards.

That’s why we act proactively and send you summarized reports and recommendations to improve on a monthly basis.

Get to know your customers
and adapt to their needs

We collect insights from your mall app users that can help you understand your customers across online and offline universes.

By using iBeacon technology we are capable of telling you and your tenants what is driving footfall to your shopping mall – so you can do more of the things that have been proven to work.

Improve your effects
every month

We understand that you don’t have the time to dig into complex data to find smarter ways to work. That’s why we’ll send you monthly effect reports including our recommendations for improvement.

We combine the reports with guides, tips and tricks from our exclusive Knowlegde Hub that you’ll also get access to.

Make your own
analysis and conclusions

We provide you with your own dashboard which is always up to date with key insights about the apps, your website, tenant engagement and performance.

During onboarding you will learn how to use the different dashboards so you can be self-reliant, and won’t depend on your monthly reports and recommendations.

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More features

Data API

We have our own datawearhouse with an API so you can move your data to other systems if you wish to.

Custom analytics

You might have special needs for reporting and we are keen to set up custom analytics for you if need be.

Reports for mall owners

We work with shopping mall owners that operate multiple malls and can supply summarized reporting for an entire portfolio as well.