Management system

Move your mall online, empower your owned media to increase the relevance in your communication to improve the customer experience – without being a software developer.

The Management System is an easy to use backend used by the marketing department or agency of the shopping mall to control everything: Monitor, automate, adjust and plan campaign distribution or channel campaigns to their other marketing channels such as websites and apps.

Overview and control
of content on owned media

Start in the overview to learn what your tenants are currently sending out to the local customers and what they have planned to publish for the comming weeks.

You have full control to review, edit, delete and create content on behalf of all your tenants and use it as you wish on your current website in multiple ways.

Increase the value
of your exsisting website

Use the category editor to make sure the campaigns on your homescreen is fitting the theme or seasonal campaigns you wish to promote.

Use all the material you and your tenants have already uploaded on your homescreen when the timing is right.

Create extra awareness
in multiple ways

Combine blogpost and inspirational articles with the local offers and product your tenants are offering. Get unique URLs for your Social Media and newletters to increase the value of your marketing efforts.

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More features

Push-message editor

Use the push-message editor to send messages to all of your app users when you have something extraordinary to tell them.


You have dashboards showing performance of your app, website and tenatns engagement keep you up to date anytime.

Content editor

You can create and distribute content on your own or your tenatns behalf across app and web with different templates.

Shop management

Manage access and permissions for each of your tenants to make sure you have the level of control you are looking for.

Monthly reports

Each month we send you a summarized effect report and recommendations to improve your numbers.

On demand support

Support for you and your agency is included so you will get the help you need when you need it.

Data API

Data can be exported via our API so you can move all of your data from our systems elsewhere if your wish and you will be the data controller

And more

We are dedicate to only work with shopping malls. Every hour put into our product is an hour into your products.