The Knowlegde Hub is a collections of how-2-guide, best practioce, checklists and marketing inspiration that you can use to gain better effects of your usage of Emplate – Without being a digital marketing expert.

We are documenting everything we know and share others malls and agencies usage of Emplate so you don’t have to develop everything by yourself.

Be inspired
and learn from others

We will help you, show up onsite and guide you thorugh the implementation process of Emplate in your shopping mall – but there is no magic pill for how we succed in every mall because shopping malls are different.

In the Knowlegde Hub you will find documentation of what have worked well in other malls when e.g. driving downloads towards the apps.

Get recommended
what to read

We will send your monthly reports of your performance when using Emplate.

When sending these reports we will also link to articles from the Knowlegde Hub so you know where to find guides and inspiration from other shopping malls who have been facing the same challenges as you.

Learn from others
and start collaborate

We hope and aim for you to be among the best performaing shopping malls we know.

If that is the case will we be documenting your work so we can share it with others – giving you a chance to take lead and inspire others. You will be in total control of what we are sharing and you can decide which of the other shopping malls you have access to learn from you.

Do you find this interesting?

Book a meeting with Emplate representative and hear more about it in person.

More features

User guides

We will have video and text guides what can be used to refresh how to use our systems after the onboarding.

Onboarding guides

You might change staff memebers who need access to Emplate and we have onbaording guides ready for them.

Growth guices

When you are up and running we have guide for how you can perform better over time.