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It's easy to make a shopping mall app.

- But it is extremely hard to succeed with one. Especially in the long run.

Start with your customers

Consumer expectations and preferences are changing all the time, and so should a shopping center app. What is the right thing now is probably outdated in a year - if it isn't updated accordingly.

We have spent the past three years designing and building our shopping center apps in collaboration with some of the leading researchers in customer loyalty.

We are continuously adjusting, updating and adding features based on the feedback we get.

Constantly monitoring user metrics shows us that the retention in our apps are more than four times as high as the average of retail apps.

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Our foundation

How we can develop apps with four times higher engagement than average retail apps


Customer interviews


Shop interviews


Malls researched

Activate your shop

Shops and retail chains are busy and often a bit evasive when it comes to new initiatives. Relevant, changing content is key to keeping consumers coming back.

Motivating shops and retailers to invest time in providing the content is hard.

Our apps have an average of 250 campaigns per month in the centers we work with and the largest ones' average is more than 600 campaigns per month.

Shop and retail chains can create and upload campaigns in less than two minutes. Directly from their smartphone.

They have constant access to seeing how many of their followers sees the campaign and how many of them visit the shop withing seven days.

The average conversion rate from a interaction with a campaign to a physical store visit is 20%. And that is across all campaigns created by the shops.

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Proven effects

Every time a shop or a retail-chain upload one campaing the following is the average effects


Unique views


Unique interactions


Physical shop visits

Your malls management

Launching an app successfully has proven to be particularly tricky. We have done it a lot of times by now in malls of different types and sizes and we have learned a lot about what makes a successful launch.

We provide you with the skeleton of a marketing plan that we fill out together with you - we know you have a lot of knowledge specific to your center that is key to the planning of the launch.

After a successful launch, we provide you with templates for Facebook posts, seasonal content, competitions, etc. that are proven to grow the user base continuously with an average cost of €0.80 per download.

Intelligent use of data from the usage of the app combined with data from beacon technology helps us identify your most profitable customers who can be nurtured with targeted content, gifts, etc.

Less profitable segments can be targeted intelligently with content that increases the chances of transforming them into more profitable customers.

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