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We build shopping mall apps that people
actually love to use over and over again

Emplate Consumer App

Emplate Shop App

Create campaign
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Snap a picture, fill in information and determine the start and end of a campaign. It takes less than two minutes for a shop’s staff to create a campaign that is sent directly to the pockets of their local audience. Advanced editing and filters improve the quality of campaign visuals to fit the brand guidelines of each shop.

  • Campaign creation time: < 2 minutes
  • Campaign planning in advance
  • Customizable reminders
  • Campaigns created by tenants every month: +0 per mall
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Show shop staff how they are performing in the app over time. Overall audience analytics combined with analytics for each individual campaign lets the staff know what kinds of content work for their audience. iBeacon-technology helps measure how many visits to shop is generated by each campaign.

  • Audience analytics for individual tenant
  • Analytics for individual campaigns
  • View-to-visit conversion rates (iBeacons)
  • Performance notifications to motivate staff
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Emplate Management System

Automated content creation
Push notifications
Analytics & reports
Loyalty program

Keep track of what's online and planned from each tenant. Edit campaigns with obvious mistakes and delete inappropriate ones. Create new campaigns from the mall to reach all users.

  • Complete overview of campaigns in the app
  • Edit and delete existing campaigns
  • Create new campaigns from the mall
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We are collaborating with a range of retailers to automatically create campaigns for your app. Local content is created by shop staff in the Emplate Shop App. This means that your app is always filled with relevant content from your tenants, minimizing the resources needed from you.

  • Number of retailers in collaboration: +30
  • Average campaigns online per mall: +250
  • Average campaign duration: 14 days
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Plan and send push messages straight to the pockets of your entire user base. Notify of important updates, new tenants, major events or other important news.

  • Reach your entire user base
  • Schedule push messages in advance
  • Get an overview of previous and planned messages
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Our advanced analytics helps you monitor you app KPIs. User base growth, high and low performing tenants, most effective content types, user base analytics and much more is presented in visualizations that are easy to comprehend.

  • Monitor app KPIs
  • Identify high/low performing tenants
  • Deep-dive into the numbers of interest
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Customize the loyalty program to fit the situation of your mall specifically. Add, edit and remove prizes. Set custom limitation to keep costs in control. Reward users for specific behavior to nudge them the way you want.

  • Add, edit and remove prizes
  • Custom limitations to keep costs in control
  • Nudge users with custom rewards
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