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Connecting consumers to malls create real value for everyone involved

Connect to customers

Engage tenants and retailers

Local content
Tenant engagement
Marketing insights

Customers like local and personal communication, so what better way than to connect tenants and customers directly? Let your tenants create and drive local content to reach directly into the pockets of an already engaged audience.

  • Engage your customers with local & personal content
  • Campaign creation time: < 2 minutes
  • Campaigns created by tenants every month: +0 per mall
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Motivating tenants to participate in digital initiatives can be a struggle. We’ve cracked the code and can guarantee local content creation. Monetize engagement with real-time effects and nudge tenants with our tenant engagement guidelines and best practices. Put simply; tenant engagement is crucial yet obtainable with our help.

  • Engage tenants with our best practices and customized toolbox
  • Automated shop-onboarding to relieve your workload
  • Contest templates to boost acquisition, conversion, campagin creations and much more
  • Performance notifications to motivate staff
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Show shop staff how they are performing in the app over time. Overall audience analytics combined with analytics for each individual campaign lets the staff know what kinds of content work for their audience. iBeacon-technology helps measure how many visits to shop is generated by each campaign.

  • Audience analytics for individual tenant
  • Analytics for individual campaigns
  • View-to-visit conversion rates

Monitor campaigns and gain important marketing insights on customer reception of different campaign materials. Real time data on campaign views and interaction, as well as view-to-visits gives you solid data on what works on which customer segmentation.

  • Use data to guide tenant marketing material
  • Segment customers, splittest and optimize operations
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Gain insights and optimize operations

Content hub
Cross channel marketing
Gain insights
Optimize collaboration

Our advanced content hub is capable of handling content from a variety of sources, enabling you to gather, integrate and channel content across your marketing outlets. We continuously provide retail chain content, guarantee that your tenants provide local content and can even crawl webshops or product catalogs to create the perfect content flow for your audience.

  • Continous content flow from intl. retail chains, webshops and tenants
  • Number of retailers in collaboration: +30
  • Average campaigns online per mall: +250
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Manage your content hub and push content through your desired marketing outlets. Website, app, social or mall webshop. We adjust the marketing solutions to fit each mall and customize products and services to cater to your needs.

  • Centralize and push content through your desired channels
  • Customized solution to fit your mall
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Gain insights on customers and analyze real-time data on customer behavior to predict shopping routes, generate mall heat maps, dive into dwell time or visit frequency or use in-app data to analyze marketing effects on certain customer segments.

  • Use data to secure the right tenant mix in your mall
  • Use data to create guidelines or best practices for tenants & retailers
  • Predict shopping routes and manage marketing and tenants strategically
  • Discover mall areas with hidden potential
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We provide your partners with our data, optimizing cost and efficiency of your current and ongoing marketing initiatives. Our close collaboration with retail chains means, that content is automatically delivered to you and your tenants. No work required.

  • Smooth collaboration with your partners and bureaus
  • Optimize cost through data-driven guidelines
  • Close collaboration with retail chains secures contionus content flow and smooth handovers
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Use our customized toolbox to engage all parties involved. Keep customers interested with news & offers or loyalty programs, nudge behavior with push notifications or close sales with proximity technology. Preserve tenant motivation with easy to understand results or choose from a variety of initiatives from our palette including onboarding- or reactivation mail flows as well as mall-wide motivational contests.

  • Wide variety of engagement triggers to help reach your KPI's
  • Automated flows to remove workload
  • Connect, engage and nudge customers, tenants & even retailers
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