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A toolbox to fit your needs

We increase your footfall and the Return on Investment on your existing marketing budget. We can launch white label solutions that fits your strategy or we can integrate to your current digital solutions. 

Shop App

Lets the tenants create campaigns to the retail destination app and website and lets them follow the effects of each campaign in real time to keep them engaged. Our data shows that 64% of tenants uploads content each month meaning that destinations that use Emplate Shop App see 200-300 campaigns online monthly with minimum effort.

The campaign analytics shows amount of consumers that see and interact with each campaign and number of visit to the physical shop afterwards.

Emplate Shop App automatically reminds each tenant with push notifications and mails then action is needed which is saving the management a lot of manual follow up work. 


Feature list

  • User friendly campaign creator
  • Real time analytics
  • Campaign overview
  • Create loyalty prize suggestions 
  • Personalized and automated reminders 
  • Individual approval flow for chain shops


Provides retail chains the opportunity to distribute campaigns on behalf of their shops located in retail destinations. Campaigns can be created manually by retailers or automatized through an integration to retailers’ existing content hubs or webshops.


Feature list

  • User friendly campaign creator
  • Monthly effects reports
  • Automated reminders
  • Content hub/website integrations


Consumer App

A white-label app designed for the individual destination proven to perform 4x better than average retail apps in regards to activity level and retention, ultimately increasing ROI on your existing marketing efforts.

Use our data driven guidelines to get 15-25% of your primary area to download your retail destination app within 12 month and place your destination in their pockets, ready for whenever they need you.

Feature list

  • Individually designed
  • Synchronized with website
  • Mail/facebook login
  • 1:1 Personalized newsfeeds
  • Redeemable coupons
  • Event overview and reminders
  • Advanced data collection 
  • iBeacon based loyalty program
  • Direct shop contacts
  • Personalized in-mall notifications
  • Highly segmented push messages
  • Advanced cheat protection
  • Automated reactivation flows
  • Click & Collect (BETA)

Mall Web

This is an integration to your existing content hub or website with similar functionalities to the Consumer App newsfeed.

Add a customized consumer experience with a continuous content flow directly to your web, taking advantage of the heavy exposure and reach, that mall sites often are subject to, while driving traffic to your app for higher LTV and greater engagement.

  • Integrates to all web platforms
  • Content universe
  • Homepage extension
  • Search Engine optimized
  • Unique categories
  • Inspirational post
  • App growth plugin
  • Analytics

Mall Management

Management departments and their agencies use the intuitive management system to control their online marketing efforts on web and app, to understand what is driving traffic to the malls and the shops and to ultimately optimize their marketing activities based on these insights.

  • Campaign overview
  • Performance indicators
  • Inspirational post editor
  • Bonus program controller
  • Segmented push notifications
  • Category creator
  • Emplate Shop management
  • Real time dashboard
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Automated status reports (Retail destination)
  • Automated status reports (shops)
  • Segment builder (coming soon)
  • Products catalogues (coming soon)

Want to learn more ?


We know that every retail destination is different and so are your needs.

Let us have a talk about your strategy and goals for the future and together learn how we can equip you with a the right combination of tools. 

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