A good place to start

An innovative guide to shopping center digital marketing in 2022, focusing on customer loyalty.

Welcome to 2022 where technology continues being a crucial trend within the retail industry. In order to satisfy customer needs, you need to provide them with an engaging digital experience, where loyalty plays a big part.

Our team has created this guide for:
✔️ Asset Owners and Managers
✔️ Marketing Managers
✔️ Industry Insiders

Shopping centre
marketing is difficult


Changes are happening on multiple frontiers
New technologies emerge
Customer behavior becomes difficult to predict
What works for one shopping center might not work for yours
More data brings more work

At Emplate, we strive to help you with adapting to these challenges, pick the right technologies for you, help you understand your customers and grow customer loyalty, provide you with individualistic approach and help you succeed, knowing that your shopping place has special needs, and help you orient yourself in the sea of data that surrounds you.

That is why we wrote a guide. As any guide, it doesn't include all you need to know as a Shopping Centre Manager.

But it is a good place to start.

A good place to start