Mall Web

Transform your existing website from a place of static information to a dynamic and inspirational space for customers to browse by adding a customized experience with a continuous content flow.

Take advantage of the heavy exposure and reach you already have through your website to start driving traffic to your app.

Increase the Life Time Value, and achieve greater engagement with your marketing efforts by presenting a more valuable shopping mall website.

Take control
work crosschannel

Publish campaigns delivered by your tenants and retailers directly to your homescreen on your existing website and maximize the marketing exposure.

Manage the frontpage campaigns based on seasons, themes or categories you’d like to promote such as Black Friday, summer sales or female fashion.

Ensure that locally created store content are shown in the right context across your subpages – all in order to increase the value of your website.

Drive traffic
create dynamic content

Add inspirational articles and special categories to your existing website in no time and use our editor to create content that makes a difference.

Connect all relevant products and campaigns to each article or category with a few clicks and make sure your website is relevant every time a customer is visiting you online.

Collect insights
make smarter decisions

Get insights about which part of your website is driving the most attention to your locally created store content and which categories are trending.

Use your insights to adjust your paid marketing channel accordingly and increase return on investing on your existing marketing budget.

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More features

App growth plug-in

Makes sure all your mobile-visitors is recommended to download and use your app and loyalty program.

iFrame integrations

Use our iFrame integration to get started in no time and with minimum extra development costs.

API Integrations

Use our API to integrate in a fully customizable way with no limitations to your creativity.