Consumer App

A white label app loved by consumers all around Europe and specifically designed for your shopping mall.

Proven to perform 4x better than average retail apps regarding activity level and retention – The two most important KPI’s when measuring app effects.

It’s ultimately increasing ROI on your existing marketing efforts and our on-2-offline conversion-system have proven to increase footfall in shopping malls.

Create relevance
for your customers

These days, customers demand relevance, personalization and a more convenient shopping experience. It’s your job to give that to them.

Let our apps and algorithms sort out a personalized and tailored newsfeed to every customer based on their preference.

Start to explore what it really means for your shopping mall when customers start to opt in in to your communication – it’s really quite powerful.

Increase emotional
customer loyalty

Discover the power of emotional customer loyalty with our visit-based loyalty- and bonusprogram.

Reward the customers that are visiting and spending time in your shopping mall – and use the rewards to convince those who aren’t.

With a series of limitation and segmentation options you are in full control of the loyalty- and bonusprogram, that you can use to increase visit frequency on various customer segments.

Gain customer insights
and be transperent

Everything we do, we do to create a better customer experience. In order to do so we collect data about your customers for the purpose of delivering a relevant and personalized experience.

Legally speaking you will be the data controller and we’ll be the data processor. We designed our solutions so customers feel in control and have implement a variety of transparency features.

Customers can easily and at any time review their data, reach our support or delete any of their data that has been collected.

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More features

Complex data collection

Get deep insights about your marketing performance, your customers and receive monthly reports on how to improve.

Cheat protection

We’ll make sure customers can’t cheat your loyalty- and bonusprogram so you don’t have to worry about it.

Personalized event reminders

Automatically remind customers of relevant events in your shopping mall that they have shown to be interested in.

In-app support

Customers can get all the help they need directly in our apps without your involvement or need to communicate with them.

Shop information

Automatically synchronize shop information with your existing website; opening hours, contact details, facebook etc.

Personalized push notifications

We crunch the data and measure your customers loyalty to design individual messages for them if needed.

GDPR Compliance

You’ll be the datacontroller. Choosing Emplate will include a Data Processing Agreement fully compliant with GDPR.

And more

We are dedicated to working with shopping malls – exclusively. Every hour we put into our product is an hour put into your products.