Waves Shopping

110 shops
+6m annual visits
49 000 people living in the nearby city
120 000 – 150 000 people in primary target area
Owned by DADES
Operated by Newsec

Results by using Emplate one year

4.433 campaigns distributed
1.269.188 campaign views
187.872 physical mall visits
+3% of annual mall visits

“We have been using Emplate for years now. In Emplate, WAVES has got a new solution that continuously gives feedback so we can achieve the best result. Without a doubt, Emplate has the best of our recommendations.”

“We had high expectations to the launch of our new digital profile with the Emplate platform and can safely say everything lived up to our expectations. It has worked impeccably”

Broen Shopping

60 shops
+3m annual visits
75.000 people are living in primary target area
Owned by TK Development
Operated by TK Development

Results by using Emplate for one month

5.000+ downloads
83% profile conversion
480.000 campaign views
3:21 min in average app session time
+11.300 physical mall visits


85 shops
3.4m annual visits
86.000 people living in nearby city
140.000 people living in primary target area
Owned by Danske Shopping Centre
Operated by DEAS

Annual effects by using Emplate

+3.300 campaigns uploaded
+800.000 campaign views
+94.000 physical mall visits
40% (!!) app retention

“I have used Emplate for more for more than 4 years now and I have seen how powerful a tool it is. At herningCentret we can without a doubt recommend Emplate to other malls.”