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Tempted to start your Emplate career?

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Working at Emplate

You'll get plenty of room to grow your skill set and ideas. We value initiative and creativity and encourage team members to test out ideas and explore - all in order to find or invent new ways of creating value for consumers.

We are an international team with a global focus. Even though our office is in the town of Aarhus in Denmark, we scout across borders for customers, clients, partners and employees.

We are value driven and work with a clear goal in mind. Take a look at our values and vision to check out what we are passionate about. Psst! We are particularly keen on empathy in everything we do. That's why we work closely with customers and consumers to understand and solve their needs!

We consist of a business and a development department and we are always interested in the right kind of talent to help us improve our business.

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