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Marketing trends, how to guides and our latest learnings.
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Well-known retail profile to join the board of Emplate

New forces to joing Emplate as Claus Wædeled join the Board.  Claus have a background as CMO at Føtex: A grocery chain with 100+ warehouses and 10.000...

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Talking about big data at CBS Executive Summer School

As a result of our presentation to the PEJ Gruppens annual Retail Conference were we with 5 hours’ notice replaced a key note speaker from Google, wer...

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Emplate invited to replace Google

This is a funny story. It was Tuesday morning the clock has just turned 7:30am as the phone ringed at the Emplate office. A key note speaker from Goog...

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More than 600.000 people saw Emplate on national TV

Emplate and herningCentret were showcased in Denmark's biggest newscast. A week ago everyone in Denmark could see how herningCentret uses iBeacons and...

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Unacast mention Emplate as a successful international case

Unacast - The world's largest proximity network has written an article about successful examples of how proximity technologies can be used by companie...

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Emplate invited to talk about the future of marketing

Emplate has become partner for the Future of Advertising event, which takes place on October 23rd-25th at Envision HQ in Aarhus. Envision is one the b...

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herningCentret is launching a shopping mall app

herningCentret will be the first mall to launch their own self-contained app with the Emplate system. The app will be released in autumn 2015. The Dan...

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