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Uffe Aalborg | 11/26/18 1:04 PM

How malls can increase relevance with personalised marketing

All customers are individuals, and that's how they want to be perceived - unique When it comes to marketing, customers like offers that are relevant f...

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Uffe Aalborg | 11/1/18 9:22 AM

How you make a shopping mall loyalty program customers will love

Customers love loyalty programs that bring value to their shopping experience - it's that simple. However, as customers have tried numerous loyalty pr...

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Uffe Aalborg | 10/25/18 1:10 PM

3 ways to get content from your tenants on a daily basis

Bringing your mall online provides a-lot of great possibilities. Among the greatest is the option to show your customers local product offers and insp...

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Uffe Aalborg | 10/23/18 8:51 AM

3 easy ways to get shoppers to download your shopping mall app

One of the most important questions before and after you have launched a shopping mall app is: How do I get customers to download the app? To get cust...

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Uffe Aalborg | 10/23/18 8:36 AM

What shopping malls can learn from JD-Sports app universe

Across all the malls with which we have discussed how to use the marketing budget most effectively, these questions come up when the discussion reache...

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Uffe Aalborg | 10/1/18 4:00 PM

Case study: How a leading shopping mall gathers customer insights

When Storcenter Nord, a Danish city-based shopping mall with 55 shops, started working with Emplate, their knowledge about the customer's skyrocketed....

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Uffe Aalborg | 9/28/18 2:29 PM

How tenants of a shopping mall got 34.237 customer visits from a loyalty program

Today most shopping malls plan to implement a loyalty program to increase customers visit frequency. However, they all face a challenge that is hard t...

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Uffe Aalborg | 9/21/18 10:15 AM

The #1 mistake shopping malls make with Facebook Ads and how to do it right.

Facebook advertising is a cheap and easy way to reach the customers of your shopping mall - if you do it right, if done wrong you can waste a lot of m...

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Uffe Aalborg | 8/10/18 3:17 PM

Why shopping malls will beat e-commerce in 2019 (Examples included)

  As Amazon keeps growing and new e-commerce shops opens every day, market experts have claimed that shopping malls will disappear in the coming years...

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