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Marketing trends, how to guides and our latest learnings.
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CASE STUDY: Launching a digital transformation in a mall with success

About BROEN Shopping BROEN Shopping is a 2 years old Danish shopping mall with 60 stores owned by TK Development who also operate malls in e.g. Poland...

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How you make a shopping mall loyalty program customers will love

Customers love loyalty programs that bring value to their shopping experience - it's that simple. However, as customers have tried numerous loyalty pr...

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3 easy ways to get shoppers to download your shopping mall app

One of the most important questions before and after you have launched a shopping mall app is: How do I get customers to download the app? To get cust...

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What shopping malls can learn from JD-Sports app universe

Across all the malls with which we have discussed how to use the marketing budget most effectively, these questions come up when the discussion reache...

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The #1 mistake shopping malls make with Facebook Ads and how to do it right.

Facebook advertising is a cheap and easy way to reach the customers of your shopping mall - if you do it right, if done wrong you can waste a lot of m...

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3 customer insights essential to shopping mall marketing (Examples incl.)

Digitalisation is happening. Customers are spending more time online than ever, and for some reasons shopping malls are challenged following along the...

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